Visitor Medical Insurances – Compare premiums & benefits

Doctor and hospital bills covered; Direct billing and PPO discounts possible; Ideal for visiting parents & family

Benefits & Coverage

Hospital/Intensive care costs
Doctor Office Fees
Blood work, diagnostic tests expenses
Prescription Drugs
Emergency Medical Evacuation
Repatriation of Mortal Remains
Ambulance Expenses
PPO discounts and cashless billing


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Plans By

Pre-existing Condition Exclusions

Most plans exclude coverage for pre-existing conditions. In other words, routine (or pre-planned) medications, procedures etc. for medical conditions that already exist prior to the start of coverage will not be covered by the plan.

However, some plans can offer coverage for life threatening situations arising from pre-existing conditions. So, some plans indeed offer coverage when the traveler requires a hospitalization during the trip because of a sudden and acute onset of a pre-existing medical condition. Get a quote using the above form to see the coverage details and plans offering this special benefit.

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