Expatriate Health Insurance

Expatriate Health Insurance

The expatriate health insurance plan is designed for expats or outsiders who are residing in a country that is not their country of birth or citizenship. For e.g. if you are born in Australia and are residing in Canada, in this case, you are not a local citizen of Canada. And as an Australian citizen, you will need expatriate health insurance while residing in Canada for meeting any kind of predicament.
At NROIL we are the experts in providing you and guiding you for all types of insurance needs around the world. Our medical insurance plans have been designed specifically for the global traveler who resides, works in another country. Our mission is to provide a perfect expatriate medical insurance cover to serve the needs of expatriates and provide peace of mind if in an unfortunate circumstance you encounter any medical emergency.

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Expats may not qualify for local health insurance in a foreign country and sometimes expats seek coverage in both the foreign and home countries. Expatriate health insurance plans can fill this need. There are 2 types of plans – short term and long term.

Advantages of Expatriate Health Insurance

  • Having an expat Health insurance is one of the ways of safeguarding oneself and your family members against any medical emergencies in a foreign land.
  • If at all in an unfortunate event, you land up for hospitalization, you will get access to quality healthcare. 
  • It will also include perks such as semi-private or private rooms to make the period of your hospitalization stay tolerable.
  • It will also cover your day-to-day daily expenses.
  • By purchasing a medical expatriate insurance policy, you will get the support and expertise of a renowned insurance company that will strive to give you quality advice and guide and guide you on every step of the difficult journey.

Why choose us for Expat Health Insurance?

  • Healthcare systems are complex in different countries. Moreover, there are different sets of rules to be followed in order to fall under the eligibility criteria for insurance.
  • At NRIOL, we achieve the perfect balance of professionalism and care for our clients to have the right expatriate insurance.
  • Traveling abroad in a completely unknown land can bring with itself own set of challenges, one of them is any kind of medical emergency.
  • In your most vulnerable moments, you have our back, for taking care of the medical expenses which may arise from the hospitalization.
  • Our highly expert team will provide you with all the information about tourist insurance, and customized insurance plans suitable to your needs and duration of the stay.

What is Expatriate Health Insurance?

The Expatriate Health Insurance is exclusively for those individuals who plan to reside and work in a foreign land. The insurance is crafted with a view to provide the best possible healthcare to an expat in case of any emergency.

The quality of healthcare differs widely around the world. At times it may cost you a whopping amount which may include a substantial amount of your savings. In such a case, it is important to consider an expat health insurance. The insurance plan covers all the essential hospitalization stay, along with the daily bills, and other charges.

Expatriate Insurance (Short Term Coverage, Limited Home Country Coverage)

The Short Term Expatriate insurance plans (from 5 days to 3 years) cover eligible expenses due to sudden illness or injury when you are away from home. This is an affordable option for ex-pats seeking comprehensive coverage. A few plans may also offer limited home country protection. These plans usually expire when you return to your home country and do not offer maternity and preventive care benefits. They are ideal if you do not travel back and forth to your home country. Coverage can begin immediately and medical tests reports are not needed..

Best Expatriate Health Insurance plans in USA

Are you planning to visit the US as an expat? Then you will surely need the Expat Insurance plan to protect you against any unexpected medical emergencies which you may encounter during your stay in the United States of America.

All over the world the boundaries of healthcare are being redefined. As a leading healthcare provider, NRIOL is constantly working towards the goal of proving quality tourist insurance at the most competitive market price, taking care of our customers.

Our policies are defined for short-term as well long-term plans. The short-term insurance plan is comparatively an affordable one if you are visiting the States only for a short-period of time. The criteria are different for the different plans and you need to consider a holistic view of the same. As purchasing an insurance plan can be tedious and at NRIOL we have made this process extremely streamlined and easy for you. Our team is available to answer any of your queries over the phone or the email. Team NRIOL will guide you with the most suitable expatriate medical insurance plan for your stay in the United States.

You can compare the different expatriate insurance plans online and get a quote instantly with our team.

Expat Medical Insurance (Long Term, Includes Home Country Coverage)

Long-term insurance plans offer worldwide coverage for a minimum of 1 year. The plans can cover you in your home country and allow for multiple visits in a year. Expats looking for worldwide coverage including the home country can select this option. A health questionnaire must be filled out and coverage can be confirmed if the application meets the guidelines. These plans also offer additional benefits like maternity, pre-existing conditions coverage, and preventive care (with a waiting period). Payments can be made monthly, semi-annually, quarterly, or annually and coverage can be renewed until eligibility is maintained.

Expat Health Insurance – Purchase

There are many easy ways to purchase short and long-term expat health insurance. Get a quote online and compare the features of different plans. We are available on the phone and via email to answer any questions you may have. Once you have selected the plan, you can complete the purchase online, over the phone, by fax, or by mail. Payment can be made via money order, check credit card, or wire transfer. Most renewable plans can be renewed online.

Expat Health Insurance -FAQs

  • How much does expat health insurance cost?

It is difficult to quote an exact amount for an expat health insurance. As there are different plans according to the duration of your stay, your individuals’ needs and the budget according to which you plan to buy the insurance. You should carefully consider the above parameters while buying the expatriate health insurance.

  • Why do you need the expat health insurance?

If you are living and working in a foreign land for more than a year then you will definitely need the expat health insurance. This is because unforeseen health and medical emergencies are a part and parcel of human sustenance. You cannot predict when and how will you require any kind of medical help. It is always a practical idea to buy an international tourist insurance policy which will take care of your sudden expenses and safeguard you against any hospitalization costs.

  • What Does Health Expat Insurance Cover?

The Expat Medical Insurance covers the basic hospital stays, the various treatments which need to be carried out, the surgeon or the doctor’s consultation fees. It also covers ambulance charges, medical evacuation, eye and dental benefits. Most of the expat health insurance does not cover a pre-existing medical condition. However some of them do cover. You need to cover all the insurance specifications before opting to buy the said insurance policy.