Outside USA Coverage

Comprehensive Plans (Most medical expenses covered up to Policy Maximum)

Atlas International

Featuring Atlas International Insurance

Patriot International

Patriot International Insurance is ideal for US citizens travelling abroad.

GeoBlue Voyager Choice Insurance

GeoBlue Voyager Choice insurance is a travel medical insurance for travel outside USA

Diplomat International

Diplomat International Insurance is excellent for US citizens and provides great medical benefits

Diplomat Long Term

Diplomat Long Term Insurance for immigrants, seniors

Patriot Platinum International

Patriot Platinum International Insurance: superior coverage outside the US

USAway International Major Medical Plan

USAway major medical insurance plan for temporary residents outside US

Intermedical Insurance

InterMedical plans are designed for those traveling outside the country and offer emergency travel benefits

GeoBlue Voyager Essential

GeoBlue Voyager Essential insurance is a travel medical insurance that helps short term leisure, student or business travelers.


Worldmed Insurance – affordable accident and illness coverage outside home country