Diplomat International Insurance

Diplomat International Insurance for coverage outside US

Diplomat International Insurance provides Accident and Sickness medical coverage, Accidental Death and Dismemberment benefits and Travel Assistance to individuals while traveling outside their Home Country anywhere except the United States. One of the few plans offering comprehensive coverage to applicants over age 80.
Jurisdiction Limitation: Coverage is not available for citizens of Australia or residents of New York, Maryland and South Dakota. Coverage is not available in Iran.

Plan Details

  • Policy Max
  • Deductible
  • Co-Insurance
  • Coverage Options
  • Plan Life
  • Underwriter
  • Claims Administrator
  • Diplomat International Insurance provides Policy Maximums as follows:
  • Plan A: $50,000

    Plan B: $100,000
    Plan C: $500,000
    Plan D: $1,000,000
    Persons up to age 69 are eligible for all plans;
    Persons age 70-79 are eligible for plans A and B;
    Persons age 80+ are eligible for Plan A only.
  • $100, $250, $500, $1,000, $2,500 per person per policy period
  • Outside the U.S. and Canada:
    For the Certificate Period, Diplomat International?« Insurance will pay 100% of Covered Expenses after you pay your selected deductible this plan
  • In USA and Canada:
    Diplomat International?« Insurance will pay 80% of the first $5000 then 100% up to the policy maximum only for covered expenses
  • There are 4 coverage options to select from with different policy maximum. Optional Hazardous activity coverage, Athletic coverage and Home country coverage can be selected.
  • The minimum period of coverage that can be purchased under the Diplomat International?« Insurance plan is 15 days and the maximum period of coverage is 12 months.
  • Diplomat International?« Travel Insurance is underwritten by The Insurance Company of the State of Pennsylvania
  • Diplomat International Travel Insurance is administered by Global Underwriters Agency Inc.

  • Eligibility

    Coverage is available for you, your spouse and unmarried dependent children, ages 14 days up to 18 years when you travel outside your home country. Coverage is not available for travel to the US.

    Coverage will begin on the latest of the following:

    • Your departure from your Home Country; or
    • The date your completed enrollment form and correct premium are received by Global Underwriters; or
    • The effective date requested on the enrollment form.

    Coverage will end on the earlier of the following:

    • Your permanent return to your Home Country; or
    • Twelve months after your coverage’s effective date; or
    • The termination date shown on the enrollment form, for which premium has been paid.
  • Plan Benefits

    Diplomat International?« Insurance offers a broad range of benefits including:

    • Charges made by a Hospital for room, board and other services.
    • Lost Baggage
    • Trip Interruption
    • In Hospital Benefit
    • Emergency Medical Evacuation
    • Emergency Reunion
    • Repatriation of Remains Expenses
    • Emergency Dental Benefit
  • Remarks
    • PPO Network: Travel Assistance is available to locate physicians and providers.
    • Renewal: The plan cannot be renewed.
    • Cancellation: Refund of premium, less a $25 processing fee, will be considered only if written request is received by Global Underwriters prior to the effective date of coverage. After that date, the premium is considered fully earned and non-refundable. Partial refunds are not available