Travel Health Insurance or Travel Medical Insurance

Going on a trip? Get coverage for trip cancellation, medical & evacuation!

Overseas Medical Coverage (USA or abroad)

Trip Cancel & Medical Coverage for Tour, Cruise

Health Insurance for Travelers – Easy & Trusted Protection

Travel Medical insurance plans offer a wide range of benefits during your travel, these include coverage for medical expenses, medical evacuation, trip cancellation, trip interruption etc. There are two classes of plans, one that offers NO Trip Cancellation benefits and the other that INCLUDES Trip Cancellation benefits. With trip cancellation benefits the insurance plan can reimburse non refundable trip costs such as airline tickets, cruises & resort reservations when the insured cannot travel because of sickness or other valid reasons.

International Services, Inc. offers travel medical insurance from trusted Insurance Companies. We provide insurance underwritten by insurance carriers with strong A.M ratings and experience in the industry such as Lloyds, AIG, and Nationwide. Medical insurance for travelers is available and can be bought through money order, check, credit card, or wire transfer. Easy online enrollment and fulfillment enables quick and effective protection. Insurance ID cards and policy certificates can be emailed immediately after enrollment.

Travel Medical Insurance with NO Trip Cancellation Benefits

Travel Medical Insurance plans with NO Trip Cancellation benefits are primarily designed to cover expenses arising out of a sickness or an accident during overseas travel. Benefits include coverage for hospitalization, out-patient visits, medical evacuation and repatriation (return of mortal remains). This family of plans is suitable for those primarily concerned about medical bills and evacuations during their travel overseas.

Foreign citizens visiting the US or US Citizens traveling overseas can obtain protection through plans specially designed for foreign travel by companies with extensive international healthcare experience.

Medical Insurance for Travel WITH Trip Cancellation Benefits

Medical insurance with trip cancellation benefits can cover for the insured’s losses in non refundable travel costs (i.e. airline reservations, resort, cruise bookings etc.) if travel is not possible due to a covered reason. Covered reasons can include an accident or injury to the traveler, travelling companion, family member; and can cancellation due to terrorism, hurricanes, natural disasters etc.

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