Foreign Student Health Insurance

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Foreign Student Health Insurance

Foreign student health insurance plans help students focus on their academic and career growth without stressing much about medical bills and hospitalization charges. Each year, several students leave their home countries and come to the US to pursue higher education and make a steady rise in their careers. Several students who are US citizens leave America to study in another foreign land. No matter where you go, you need a health insurance plan to protect you financially in an unfamiliar land. has affordable health insurance plans for students coming to the US and going outside the US. Your standard medical insurance plan from your home country may not protect you in foreign countries, which is why purchasing a foreign student health insurance policy has become mandatory. Also, some schools/colleges/universities look for proof of health insurance before registering for classes. 

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Foreign student health insurance
foreign student insurance for us citizens studying abroad

Foreign Student Health Insurance for US citizens studying abroad 

US citizens going abroad to study need a foreign student insurance plan that can safeguard them from unforeseen medical expenses, bills, surgeries, lab tests, and other hospital-related costs. In a new country, one may not understand how the healthcare system works, which can lead to unnecessary confusion and out-of-pocket expenses. foreign student medical insurance plans offer various coverage, including medical evacuation, repatriation of remains, AD & D, etc. There are multiple add-ons that can make your stay abroad smooth and stress-free. For more information about the plans, reach us at the number given. 

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Foreign Student Health Insurance for International students in the US 

International students coming to the US for studies, research, training, and other educational programs must purchase a foreign student health insurance policy because of the possible exorbitant medical bills. Many know the US has one of the most expensive medical healthcare facilities globally. Therefore, it is almost impossible for a student to carry on with their academic programs and pay medical bills from their pockets. brings popular international student insurance plans that can help students pursue their academic dreams in the US without worrying about the medical bills to be paid. As accidents and sickness can happen anytime, your health insurance policy will act as your savior. Do you want to know about our comprehensive packages? Drop us an email

foreign student insurance for international students in the us

Advantages of Foreign Student Health Insurance

    • Covers unexpected medical costs– Foreign students medical insurance covers medical costs for sickness, injuries, wounds, accidents, dental pain, surgeries, etc. 
    • Covers medical evacuation– International student insurance plans cover medical evacuation, enabling the transfer of students to the nearest medical unit for treatment. 
    • Covers mental healthcare– Students can pay their therapy and counseling bills with a comprehensive foreign student medical insurance policy. 
    • Studies without stress- Students can focus on their academic results rather than thinking about arranging funds for their medical expenses. 
    • Have financial backup- Health insurance for foreign students acts as a backup whenever things go awry. Students can get cashless treatment for eligible medical expenses. 

Why Choose Us for Foreign Student Health Insurance?

    • Global network– has a global reach and can help students through their connections and network. 
    • A team of professionals– We have a team of experts who can guide students whenever needed. Plus, we operate 24/7, providing insurance solutions and answering the queries of our clients. 
    • Plans for international students- has plans for students coming to the US and students going outside the US for studies and academic programs. 
    • Rich experience– We hold a reputable status in the insurance market for our products and services. We leave no stone unturned to make our customers happy. 
    • Easy purchasing process- We make sure that none of our clients face any hassle in purchasing a foreign student health insurance plan. Call us, and we will walk you through the process. 

Best Plans for Foreign Student Health Insurance

US Citizens studying abroad can choose the following: 
  • Patriot International

    Patriot International plan offers comprehensive coverage to students going abroad to pursue their degrees. The plan covers COVID-19, doctor, hospital, dental emergencies, evacuation, repatriation, prescription, non-chronic acute onset of pre-existing conditions, and more. It also offers optional coverage for adventure sports, enhanced AD&D, evacuation, and chaperone/faculty leader replacement. Pregnancy is not covered. 

  • Patriot Exchange

    The insurance plan is made for students, scholars, and cultural exchange participants, including J1 and J2 visas, families, and groups of two or more students. The plan includes coverage for Covid-19 as any other illness and has optional coverage for adventure sports riders, chaperone/faculty leaders, and trip-interruption riders. 

  • Atlas International

    If you are a US citizen and planning to study abroad, Atlas International plan can be helpful. The plan covers non-chronic acute onset of pre-existing conditions, dental emergencies, COVID-19, pregnancy, and more. Students get various policy maximum and deductible options to choose from. If you are traveling to Canada for studies, the plan pays 80% of the first $5000, then the plan pays 100% up to the policy maximum per year. Outside Canada and US, the plan pays 100%. 

  • Student Secure

    Student Secure plan is available to the US and non-US citizens under the age of 65 years who are full-time international students or scholars studying outside their home country. The plan has options of Elite, Select, Budget, and Smart. Add-ons include optional intercollegiate, interscholastic, intramural, or club sports riders, and optional riders for crisis response coverage. 

International Students in the US can choose the following:

  • Patriot Exchange

    The plan provides coverage to the US and non-US citizens, but the Non-US citizens must have F1/F2, J1/J2, M1/M2, or A1/A2 visas. It covers medical expenses, emergency medical evacuation, repatriation, accidental death & dismemberment, and incidental trip coverage. 

  • Student Secure

    The insurance plan is made for both US and non-US students. It provides coverage for in-patient and out-patient medical expenses, hospitalization, local ambulance, intensive care, prescription drug, mental health, and more. 

How much does Foreign Student Health Insurance cost

How much does Foreign Student Health Insurance cost? 

The cost of foreign student health insurance plans can be calculated based on the age of the student, the number of days coverage is needed, policy maximum, and deductible. You can find the quotes by filling in the information on the website. Or you can call us to find out. 


  • Is health insurance for foreign students mandatory?

    Some schools, colleges, and universities do check for proof of health insurance before enrollment. However, whether you are coming to the US or going outside the US for education, carrying comprehensive medical insurance coverage is necessary. The plan can safeguard you from various unforeseen medical events. 

  • How much is health insurance in the US for foreign students?

    The exact cost of health insurance is hard to determine. Every University has a different requirement for students. However, foreign students must carry at least a minimum of $50,000 in medical coverage and $1million for medical evacuation. Age, duration of the stay, deductible, and policy maximum play a crucial role in calculating the premium per month. 

  • Can foreign students get Medicare cards?

    No, Medicare does not cover international students. 

  • How do international students get health insurance?

    Check if the university or college is offering health insurance. If they do, the premium typically is included at the time admission.  . If the insurance through the university in not mandatory  you may be able to opt out and sign a  waiver if you purchase an insurance plan meeting the minimum insurance requirements from insurance companies offering coverage to foreign students. If the college or university has no insurance plan, you can buy a policy from outside insurance companies offering foreign student insurance. 

  • Can foreign students get dental coverage in the US?

    Each plan has a list of what is included and excluded. Typically, international student insurance plans include coverage for a dental injury and some coverage for a sudden pain to sound natural teeth. You can opt for a separate dental discount plan. To know in detail, call us. 

  • Benefits & Coverage
  • Plans By
    • Costs of Prescription Drugs
    • Dental Fees
    • Evacuation Services
    • Doctors & Hospital Expenses
    • Emergency Services and accidental death and dismemberment (AD&D)
    • Repatriation of Mortal Remains
    • Insurance Waiver Form
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