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Each year hundreds of thousands of students study outside their home country. US Citizen students studying abroad might know that their domestic health insurance plans will not offer complete coverage once they are abroad. Foreign student health insurance is designed to protect them outside the US. For students coming to the US to study there are several foreign student health insurance plans that can cover them in the US during the course of their studies. In many cases, proof of health insurance for foreign students has to be shown before enrollment for classes can begin.

Foreign Student Insurance for US Citizens studying abroad

Foreign Students studying abroad need medical insurance to cover them if they fall sick or become injured outside their home country. They also need help to locate doctors and hospitals who can speak their language. US citizens studying abroad can make use of a wide range of Assistance services by purchasing foreign student insurance. Medical evacuations can also be arranged with foreign student insurance. The foreign student insurance plans, here at International Services, offer coverage for unanticipated medical expenses as result of a sudden accident, ailment, or injury and can offer a host of additional benefits that you may need away from home.

Foreign Student Insurance for International Students in the US

Foreign Students arriving in the US especially need medical insurance to protect them from exorbitant bills in case they are hospitalized. Most Universities in the US require proof of foreign student insurance before they are permitted to sign up for classes. If you are planning to opt out of your expensive university coverage we can help you select a foreign student insurance plan that meets or exceeds the requirements set by your university. Waiver forms will be completed after the purchase saving you hundreds of dollars. Plans that cover health insurance for foreign students offer comprehensive coverage with extensive benefits. Some plans also cover pregnancy and pre existing conditions. Coverage is available for dependents along with the student.

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