Student Travel Insurance

Student Travel Insurance?

Every year, millions of students travel abroad to pursue their academic dreams. Traveling outside the US for education, research, training, and other programs requires everyone to purchase student travel insurance plans. Studying and staying abroad come with many opportunities and threats, so getting an insurance plan can lessen your stress on staying overseas. 

A travel insurance policy adds a lot of benefits to your life. If you wish to focus only on education and training programs, you can leave all your worries just by simply buying student travel insurance. has some incredible student travel insurance policies that cover your unexpected medical expenses, doctor bills, surgeries, medical emergencies, evacuation, repatriation, and more. 

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What is Student Travel Insurance? 

Studying abroad comprises several risks and uncertainties, so purchasing a student travel insurance policy can bring a lot of relief to your life. Unexpected medical expenditure can give you financial hurdles while you are trying to make your living overseas in a meager amount. Student travel insurance is designed for students to protect them financially from sudden illness, sickness, accidents, injuries, dental pain, surgeries, lab tests, hospitalization, intensive care, and more. 

Suffering from monetary loss or debt can make you leave your studies and return to your home country. But with an insurance policy in your pocket, you do not have to think about the expenditure that can arise when you fall sick. Some plans also come with a trip cancellation policy that enables you to cancel the event for a covered reason. 

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Advantages of Student Travel Insurance

    • Medical expenses- Student travel insurance study abroad covers you for unexpected illnesses or accidents and offers cashless treatment. 
    • Travel benefits- Depending on the plan you purchase, you may receive the benefit of trip cancellation, trip delay, trip interruption, baggage, personal loss, and more. 
    • Medical evacuation- Plans can also cover medical evacuation and transfer to the nearest medical care unit that can provide you with quality care. 
    • Family emergency- The plan can cover flight expenses if students need to travel back to the US for any family emergency. 
    • Emergency assistance- The plan can sponsor a relative’s flight ticket if the student falls sick or is hospitalized. It can also arrange emergency passport replacement fees or assistance if the student gets pickpocketed. 

Best Plans for international Student Travel Insurance

  • Patriot International

    Patriot International plan is made for US and non-US citizens, offering coverage outside America and worldwide. Outside the US, the plan follows no network, which means students can avail services of any doctor, hospital, or clinic  Optional add-on covers extreme sports or adventure activities.

  • Patriot Platinum International

    Patriot Platinum International is an upgraded version of Patriot International. The plan offers coverage outside the US and your residence and can be extended up to 36 continuous months. It pays 100% of coinsurance outside the US and  covers acute onset of pre-existing conditions, remote transportation, supplement accident, and incidental emergencies in the US.

  • Diplomat Long Term

    Diplomat Long Term is a comprehensive plan coverage that covers you outside your home country. The plan pays 100% of the eligible expenses outside the US up to the plan maximum. Optional enhancement includes athletic and hazardous activity benefits, home country coverage, and war risk coverage. Students going abroad for studies can opt for this plan. 

  • Atlas International

    Students needing comprehensive medical coverage outside the US can opt for Atlas International plan. The plan comes with different policy maximum and deductible choices. It allows members to visit any provider outside the US. Optional coverage covers personal liability, AD&D, and crisis response. 

  • Liaison Travel

    Liaison Travel is made for US and non-US citizens, covering outside the home country. The plan has three options- Economy, Choice, and Elite, with varying policy maximum limits and deductibles. Students can choose for providers outside the network. Optional coverage for hazardous sports is available.

Why Choose us for Student Travel Insurance?

    • Plans with flexible rates– takes pride in introducing various plans with flexible rates, making it easier for students to purchase. 
    • Get the quotes quickly– Purchasing a plan does not seem difficult for anyone. Customers can fill out the form on our website and get the quotes. 
    • An easy file of claims– Filing claims has become relatively easy. All you must do is email us your claims and your supporting documents. 
    • Constant support– We ensure that our members receive around-the-clock support pre-and post-vacation. 
    • Experts’ guidance- has experts who help students purchase the right plan for their studies overseas. 

How much does Student Travel Insurance Cost? 

Student travel insurance costs depend on several factors like age, duration of stay, policy maximum, deductible, and more. You can put relevant information on our site and get quotes for different plans. The benefits and optional coverage are also mentioned. This will help you to decide which plan to purchase. Student travel insurance has group coverage options as well. If a group of 5 students or more are traveling together, group student travel insurance would be easy to set up and will be cheaper than individual plans. 

Do you need travel insurance to study abroad? 

Purchasing travel insurance is entirely one’s personal choice. There is no fixed rule to getting an insurance plan before leaving your home country and arriving in another country. Having a travel insurance policy while studying abroad is always a good practice. People get an insurance policy to secure their finances for the future- falling sick or getting a bone fracture can cost you thousands of dollars abroad! A comprehensive insurance policy can cover you for eligible medical expenses up to the plan limit and save you from going bankrupt during your short-term stay. Hence, buying a student travel insurance policy is suggested for all international students, or they should be ready to bear the medical expenses. 

What does Student Travel Insurance cover? 

Typically, student travel insurance covers medical and travel-related benefits. It covers medical fees, hospitalization charges, emergency medical evacuation and repatriation, accidental death and dismemberment, COVID-19 expenses, doctor visits, urgent care, prescriptions and medicine, acute onset of pre-existing conditions (as per the policy), trip cancellation (on some plans), trip interruption, trip delay, baggage loss, and others. 

What is not covered in Student Travel Insurance? 

Typically, student travel insurance study abroad plans exclude losses from pre-existing conditions (as per mentioned in the purchased policy), suicide or attempted suicide, self-inflicted harm/injury, mental/stress/anxiety disorders, pregnancy/childbirth/abortion/miscarriage, participating in extreme sports/activities, HIV or AIDS, and more. It is important to remember that not all plans have the same exclusion list. Check the brochure to get the full details. 


  • Who should buy student travel insurance?

    Students who are US citizens/residents and going outside the US for studies or training programs can opt for student travel insurance. If students are on J1 visas and coming to the US, they can choose J1 visa health insurance plans. 

  • Can you add optional coverage to a student travel insurance plan?

    Yes, depending on the plan, student travel insurance study abroad offers  optional coverage like adventure and sports rider, evacuation rider, personal liability and more. However, the premium will be higher than usual. 

  • How can you buy student travel insurance?

    Sometimes, universities sponsor health insurance policies for students . But student travel insurance can be brought from a travel agent or an insurance provider, like us. Buying plans from travel agents may not always provide the best possible coverage per your requirement. In contrast, a reputable insurance provider lets you compare plans and  get quotes. You can also call them if you have any questions. 

  • When is the right time to buy a student travel insurance plan?

    Once you have made the first trip payment outside the US or your home country, you should find the right plan that can cover you for your brief stay overseas. 

  • Is there any age limit to buying student travel insurance?

    No, there is no age limit to buying student travel insurance. There are various options available for all ages.  

  • Does student travel insurance cover COVID-19?

    Yes, depending on the plan you opt for. Patriot International, Diplomat Long-Term, and Atlas International are popular student travel insurance with COVID coverage . 

  • Is it mandatory to buy student travel insurance?

    It is not compulsory by law to buy an insurance policy while traveling outside the US, but you need to be ready to pay for medical expenses that can occur anytime during your stay anywhere in the world. A student travel insurance plan can give you financial backup for every eligible medical fee outside the US. 

  • What is the difference between student travel insurance and international student insurance?

    Student travel insurance is meant for students going abroad for a brief period and participating in temporary study programs. International student insurance is for students who need to stay overseas for a few years for research, training, and other educational purposes. Students with student travel insurance plans can later switch to international travel insurance plans for an extended stay. 

  • What is the duration of a student travel insurance plan?

    The policy can be brought for as little as 1 day to 2 years. 

  • Can students who are US citizens/residents buy student travel plans?

    Yes, US students can purchase student travel insurance if they plan to pursue education outside the US. 

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