Student Travel Insurance

Protect your next class trip, spring break or study abroad program! Get trip cancellation & medical coverage.

When should you buy your student travel insurance?

Sign up for a policy just after making your first trip deposit/payment. In some circumstances, it is important since some benefits like pre-existing condition waivers or ‘cancel for any reason’ are only effective if the policy is purchased within a certain number of days (usually 10-15) from making your initial trip deposit.

Patriot Student Trip Insurance

Trip Cancellation up to $5,000 in non refundable trip costs
Up to $2,500 in medical / dental expenses
Medical Evacuation & Repatriation up to $10,000
Coverage available for trips up to 30 days
Applicant less than 25 years of age during the trip
Pre-existing conditions can be covered
Plan underwritten by Delos Insurance Company, NY, USA

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Student Guard Student Travel Insurance

Trip Cancellation 100% of non refundable trip costs
Up to $5,000 in medical / dental expenses
Medical Evacuation & Repatriation up to $20,000
Coverage available for trips up to 14 days
Applicant less than 29 years
Pre-existing Conditions not covered
Underwritten by AIG, USA

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Student Travel Insurance – Eligibility & Enrollment

Most student travel insurance plans require the insured to be less than 25 or 29 years of age. The Patriot Student Trip insurance plan is available to citizens and residents of all countries, while the Student Guard Student Travel insurance policy is only available to US & Canadian residents.

Students typically have a tight budget and coverage was designed bearing in mind these student budgets. The premiums are very affordable. Student travel health insurance can be purchased through the website. When purchased online, the ID cards and policy certificate are delivered via email or available for download after completion of purchase.

Student Travel Health Insurance – Coverage

Student travel health insurance plans are designed for students taking summer trips, summer camps, or enrolled in short study abroad programs. These plans are quite comprehensive in coverage and they typically include trip cancellation benefits as well. Some plans can cover pre-existing conditions if one is insured under the plan within a few days (i.e. number of days depends on the plan) of making the initial payment for the trip.

Student Travel Health Insurance plans typically cover:

  • Trip Cancellation: Plan will pay the cost of the trip if one cannot go on the trip for a valid reason
  • Medical & Dental Expenses incurred on the trip</li.
  • Travel Delays, Lost Baggage, Missed Connections etc.
  • Medical Evacuation
  • Repatriation of Mortal Remains
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