Missionary Health Insurance

Perfect for missionaries who are abroad; Renewable worldwide coverage for illness & injury

Missionary Health Insurance

Missionary Insurance is essential for missionaries who spend time outside their country of citizenship or home country. When travelling as a missionary abroad, a medical emergency can happen which your current medical plan may or may not cover. The US department of State recommends that you purchase International Medical Insurance or missionary health insurance for trips abroad as Medicare and Medicaid will not cover you on missionary trips overseas. Short or long term coverage is available.

Expats may not qualify for local health insurance in a foreign country and sometimes expats seek coverage in both the foreign and home countries. Expatriate health insurance plans can fill this need. There are 2 types of plans – short term and long term.

missionary health insurance

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missionary medical insurance short term

Missionary Medical Insurance – Short Term

If you only need coverage outside your country of citizenship or home country for trips ranging from 5 days to 24 months Short term missionary medical Insurance plans can meet your needs. Plans cover sickness and injuries that occur during your stay abroad. Doctor visits, prescriptions, surgery, hospitalization are covered for eligible sicknesses and Injuries. Coverage can begin immediately with online purchases, and confirmations are available instantly. Medical tests and medical questionnaires are not required to obtain coverage.

Missionary Health Insurance – Long Term

If you make frequent trips back to your country of citizenship and require coverage there you can consider the Long Term Missionary Health Insurance plans. These are annual plans and can be renewed as long as the eligibility criteria are met.

Results from recent physical exams might be needed and the application goes through medical underwriting. Preventive care and maternity benefits may available in some plans after a wait period.

missionary medical insurance – long term
missionary travel insurance enrollment & eligibility

Missionary Travel Insurance – Enrollment & Eligibility

Short Term Missionary Travel Insurance coverage can begin immediately with online purchase. Payment can be made using a credit card and confirmation is available instantly. Long Term Missionary Insurance requires an application with medical questions and answers. The application must be approved by the underwriters.

Missionary Insurance with short term coverage is available to all travelers outside their home country/country of citizenship. Missionary medical insurance with long term coverage is available to applicants below age 74 who plan to spend at least 1 year outside their home country.

Missionary Medical Insurance – Plans

Outreach Missionary Insurance plan is a great choice for a short term missionary insurance plan. It offers worldwide coverage for missionaries travelling outside their home country for trips from 10 days to up to 2 years.

For 5 or more missionaries travelling in a group around the world and needing coverage as a group, the Outreach Missionary Group Insurance is an ideal plan. Coverage is available worldwide except in the US.

Missionaries and volunteers seeking long term worldwide coverage can consider the Global Navigator Missionary Insurance. The plan meets the needs of missionaries by offering comprehensive worldwide benefits inside and outside the US without restrictions on time spent in the US.

Missionary or volunteer organizations looking for group coverage can customize the Global Navigator missionary plans to meet their needs.

missionary medical insurance plans

Popular Missionary Health Insurance Plans

Atlas Group


Patriot Group


Outreach Travel


Global Mission Medical


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