Trip Cancellation Insurance protects your investment

Cancel due to the weather, your health, any reason; Medical coverage; Emergency Evacuation.

Benefits & Coverage

Baggage Loss/Delay
Trip Cancellation Insurance
Trip Interruption
Pre-existing condition waiver
Non-refundable costs covered
Emergency evacuation to home country or nearest medical facility
Medical Expense coverage


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US Department of State’s Travel Warnings

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Travel Cancellation Insurance – Why

Traveling can often be stressful, and are not always incident free. In some cases, luggage gets lost, your trip gets interrupted, and your travel may even be cancelled for some unfortunate reason beyond your control.

While a few policies do allow for cancellation due to any reason, most travel cancellation insurance plans can cover your non refundable trip costs if you are prevented from taking the trip due to any of the following reasons

  • sickness, death, accident to the insured, traveling companion, family member or business partner
  • a terrorist incident at a city on your travel itinerary
  • weather that causes complete cessation of services
  • bankruptcy or default of your travel supplier or tour supplier
  • natural disaster (fire, earthquake etc.) that renders your accommodations uninhabitable

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