Trip Cancellation Insurance

Going on a trip? Get coverage for trip cancellation, medical & evacuation!

Trip Cancellation Insurance

Flying to a new location outside your home country is not risk-free. Not all, but some face many difficulties right from the start of their journey. has trip cancellation insurance  plans for travelers that reimburse non-refundable trip costs and allow everyone to revel in a stress-free vacation.

One can have several reasons to cancel a trip, such as natural disasters, terrorist attacks, sudden accidents, sickness of your traveling companion, etc. Travel insurance  can be an immense help in these cases. The plan will reimburse you for the non-refundable vacation expenses only if the trip is canceled due to a covered reason.

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Popular Trip Cancellation Insurance Plans



For age 24 years
  • Choice of plans; Travel Lite, Travel SE, Travel LX
  • Includes coverage for trip cancellation, trip interruption, emergency medical & post-departure travel coverage
  • Rental Car coverage and Theft coverage
    Pre-Existing Condition Waiver available if purchased within 24 hours of final trip payment
  • Optional Cancel for Any Reason (CFAR) / Interruption for Any Reason (IFAR) add-on benefit available

What is trip cancellation insurance? 

Trip cancellation insurance is designed to offer trip cancellation, trip delay, trip interruption, baggage loss, and personal effects benefits to travelers. Any emergency in the home country or destination country before a trip can force a traveler to cancel their vacation. This can often lead to financial losses.

Travel insurance  can protect you from pre-and post-departure during your trip. The reason for cancellation should fall under the covered reasons so that you can be reimbursed for your losses. For example, death, sickness or injury, pregnancy complications, airport shutdown, strike, natural disaster, hijack, inclement weather, terrorist incident, theft of passport or travel document, and others can be considered a covered reason for trip cancellation or trip interruption. 

The plans can also give you optional coverage for Cancel for Any Reason, which provides you with the benefit of canceling your vacation for any reason and does not have to be one of the covered reasons. However, trip cancellation for any reason can be bought with an additional premium. Call us to find out more! 

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Advantages of Trip Cancellation Insurance

    • Financial protection– Trip cancellation policy protects your finances if you wish to not fly down to a destination country for a covered reason. 
    • Trip delay- Based on the purchased plan, your meals and accommodation can be taken care of if your flight is delayed for a few hours or a day. 
    • Emergency evacuation– If you need to be evacuated from a place and transferred to a safe location or return to your home country, your plan may cover you for that. 
    • COVID-19 protection- Trip cancellation insurance for COVID may cover you for non-refundable trip costs if you contract the virus or be in a quarantine facility. 
    • Pre-existing condition– If your acute onset of pre-existing condition leads to the cancellation of the trip, your insurance coverage can cover you for the losses. 

Why Choose us for Trip Cancellation Insurance?

    • Better plans and better rates– has comprehensive travel insurance plans for tourists planning a vacation outside the US and needs travel-related benefits. 
    • Optional upgrades– Our plans have optional Cancel for Any Reason upgrades that allow members to cancel their trip for reasons that are not listed under covered reasons.
    • Quick purchase– We assure you that you will face no trouble purchasing our trip cancellation insurance plans. The process is easy and fast. 
    • Seamless claims process– With, our members do not face hassle while claiming their losses. We assure you the best service possible. 
    • Constant support– We try to offer the ultimate service to our members so that they can get all their queries answered and issues resolved. 

Best Plan for Trip Cancellation Insurance 

  • ITravelinsured

    iTravelInsured has three options- Travel Lite, Travel SE, and Travel LX. The plan covers 100% of the trip cancellation and trip interruption, followed by emergency medical evacuation, medical coverage, repatriation, accidental death, and dismemberment, and more. Members can choose a plan, policy maximum, and deductible as per their travel requirements. 

What is the cost of travel medical insurance?   

The travel medical insurance cost is hard to determine because each plan has a different premium. Moreover, the limited benefits plans will cost you less than the comprehensive plans. Plus, age is one of the crucial factors that decide the cost of an insurance plan. With higher age, the premium goes up with lesser policy maximum and vice versa. 

How much does trip cancellation insurance cost? 

Trip insurance costs depend on several factors like age, trip length, and trip cost.. Apart from these, members can add optional coverage like sports equipment rental, Cancel for Any Reason, car rental damage, etc. The add-ons increase the premium. Though each plan varies, it is suggested to call us to find out about the exact quotes. 

What does trip cancellation insurance cover? 

Trip cancellation insurance plans generally cover trip-related benefits and offer pre-and post-departure protection while you plan your vacation. Trip delay, trip interruption, trip cancellation, baggage loss or delay, loss of passport and other important documents, emergency medical evacuation and repatriation, and more are benefits that you can enjoy. Read the plan brochure to know more.


  • What are the benefits of trip cancellation insurance?

    Trip cancellation insurance plans protect the trip costs you have already paid/booked for your vacation. If the trip is canceled for a covered reason, you will be reimbursed for the non-refundable amount you have spent for booking flights, accommodation, sightseeing, and more that was insured while buying the plan. In short, the plans give you peace of mind during your travel. To see the coverage details, contact us. 

  • When is the first time to get a travel insurance policy?

    Get a travel insurance policy whenever you plan a trip. For example, if your trip involves booking a cruise or flight or an excursion, it is recommended that you purchase a trip cancellation policy before heading to your destination. 

  • Can I be covered for pre-existing conditions?

    Typically, if the plan is bought within the defined time usually 10, 15 or 20 days (depending on the plan) after the initial or first payment towards the trip has been made then plans may cover acute onset of pre-existing conditions if they are considered a covered reason to cancel a trip. Read the brochure to ensure what your plan covers and what it does not. 

  • How does Cancel for Any Reason work?

    Cancel For Any Reason is an optional upgrade that reimburses you  –up to 75% of the non-refundable trip costs based on the purchased plan. Nevertheless, it comes with specific requirements, which you need to be clear after talking to an executive. 

  • Can I buy travel insurance online?

    Yes. You can visit our site and fill out the form with the information needed. Follow the steps mentioned, and you will be directed to the page from where you can purchase the plan online. Later, you will receive an email from us regarding the purchased plan and your insurance ID and policy number. For any confusion, you can always reach  our help desk. 

  • What can be included in non-refundable trip costs?

    Non-refundable trip costs include pre-paid payments that you made for a vacation. These costs are reimbursed if your trip is canceled for a covered reason. Some examples include vacation rental, rental car fees, tickets of events and tours, campground fees, excursion fees, airline ticket costs, accommodation costs, etc. As cancellation varies, consult with your insurance provider, which costs are included in the non-refundable trip. 

  • What does travel insurance cover?

    Depending on the plan, travel insurance plans may include the benefits of trip cancellation, trip interruption, emergency medical transportation, emergency medical, dental, lost/stolen/delayed baggage, travel delay, change fee coverage, rental car protection, sports equipment rental, and more. To know what your plan covers, go through the brochure. 

  • Does travel protection cover pregnancy?

    Generally, normal pregnancy or childbirth is not included under travel protection, but pregnancy complications may be a covered reason. However, the medical condition must be grave enough to make it a reasonable reason to cancel the trip. And if your plan includes emergency medical benefits, the plan may reimburse the cost of medical care during any complication while traveling. 

  • Does travel protection cover COVID-19?

    Trip cancellation for COVID or quarantine can be considered a covered reason depending on the plan you purchase.  

  • Can I get travel insurance if I live outside the US?

    Yes, you can get a travel insurance plan even if you live outside the US. However, if you are looking for plans that cover you inside the US, you need to buy visitor insurance plans. Trip cancellation plans typically require you to be a resident of the  the US. 

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