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Peterson International Underwriters designs, underwrites and administers its proprietary line of coverages. The security behind these risks is furnished by highly rated national and international insurers, including Lloyds. Peterson International Insurance offers international health insurance plans, major medical insurance plans and term life insurance plans. Apart from the health insurance and term life insurance line of products, special products can be custom designed based on client need.

Travel Insurance

USAway International Insurance

Coverage for US citizen/Resident

A medical insurance designed for US citizens/residents who are travelling or temporarily residing outside the US. Coverage is available from 1 day to 12 months for travelers below age 84. The plan offers a maximum benefit of $5 Million.

International Major Medical Insurance

Travel Insurance

The plan is designed for people visiting and moving to the US. The plan offers coverage around the world for non US Citizens in and out of their home country. Coverage can extend from 1 day to over 12 months. The plan offers a maximum benefit of $1 Million.

PIU Temporary Medical Insurance

Short Term Insurance

This plan is designed for temporary major medical insurance for up to 11 Months..

Accident Insurance