Non US Citizen Health Insurance – Illness & injury coverage

Doctor & hospital costs, Emergency medical evacuation and ambulance services; PPO discounts and cashless claims settlement.

Benefits & Coverage

Hospital Bills
Doctor Office Fees
Test & Diagnostic Expenses
Prescription Drugs
Emergency Medical Evacuation
Repatriation of Mortal Remains
Ambulance Expenses


Non-US Citizen Health Insurance FAQ provides answers to common questions
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Health Insurance for non US citizens when they visit the US is very important. Sickness or an injury during a trip to the US can result in extremely high hospital bills. Non US citizen health insurance can help cover these bills. Non US citizens, including domestic helpers in the US, visiting for short trips (from 5 days to 2 years) can get a quote by completing the form below.

Insurance for a Non-US Citizen

Non US citizen health insurance plans cover doctor visits, hospitalization, surgery, prescriptions for sicknesses and injuries. Coverage can begin the next day with no medical tests required. Most.non US citizen health insurance plans do not cover pre existing conditions and preventive care. Some offer limited coverage for pre existing conditions. Plans offer coverage through Preferred Provider Network of hospitals and doctors. Direct cashless settlement of bills are possible.

New immigrants to the US who do not have US citizenship needing coverage for a longer time period, please visit the Immigrant Health Insurance section.

Health Insurance for Non Citizens – Trusted Carriers

Several trusted companies provide coverage for Non US citizens in the US. The plan administrators are located in the US allowing for easy claims processing. The underwriters for the plans (Sirius Internations, Lloyds, AIG) are rated A (Excellent) and above. We offer unparalleled customer service and advice to our clients to help them select the best health insurance plan for non US citizens.

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