International Health Insurance

Healthcare benefits for international travel outside your home country; Evacuation; Short/long term coverage

International Health Insurance plans provide healthcare benefits during your international travel, temporary overseas stay or extended periods of stay outside your home country. Most plans also provide valuable services to locate English speaking providers and translation services if required.

Short Term International Health Insurance (up to 3 years) offers coverage for sudden illnesses or injuries sustained during your international travel or residence. Coverage inside your home country is very limited.

Long Term International Health Insurance (1 year & above) offers global coverage including the home country. Plans address the healthcare needs over an extended period of time. Plans can cover maternity, pre-existing conditions (with a waiting period), preventive and dental care along with other benefits.

International Health Insurance Coverage – Short Term

Short term international health insurance coverage is ideal for travelers who need coverage for sudden illness or injuries on their trip. They do not need coverage once they return to their home country. Coverage can be purchased for as less as 5 days and can be renewed up to 36 continuous months depending on the plan. Preventive care and coverage for pre-existing conditions is not available through these plans. Instantaneous confirmations and proof of coverage is available after purchase. No documents or test results are needed.

International Health Insurance Coverage – Long Term

Long term international health insurance coverage (including the home country) is required for expatriates, missionaries, executives and marine crew who live abroad and make multiple trips back to their home country. Also since this is a primary insurance coverage for the whole year it is important that the coverage includes items usually excluded from short term international health insurance plans.

Applicants must complete Medical questionnaires and the applications go through an approval process. Apart from the usual medical benefits for illnesses and injuries some plans offer maternity coverage and pre-existing condition coverage and preventive care (waiting periods may apply).

International Health Insurance Providers

International Services, Inc. offers international health insurance plans from well rated insurance companies. These include plan underwriters with strong A.M ratings and plan administrators with extensive experience working with international claims processing. Lloyds, AIG, and Nationwide are just a few companies that underwrite our international health insurance plans.

International Health Insurance Plans – Purchase

Selecting the right plan is easy with our “Compare Feature” that lets you compare all major international health insurance plans from different providers. First choose between short term and long term international health plans depending on the coverage you need. You can then select between fixed benefit plans and comprehensive plans. For a range of coverage that does not have sub limits like fixed benefits plans, we recommend our comprehensive plans. No one can offer a better price for the plans we offer. You can complete the purchase online, over the phone or via fax or mail. Several payment options are available, including credit card, money order, check and wire transfer. Policy documents and confirmations can be emailed immediately for online purchases.

International Health Insurance Plans – Resource

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