US Health Insurance

US Health Insurance

Many of our plans covering health insurance in US allow you to choose deductibles ranging from $0 to $5000. You can purchase the policy by fax, over the phone, online, or by mail. Payment is typically accepted in the form of credit card, money order, check, or wire transfer.

The plans listed on our site are underwritten by some of the country’s best health insurance carriers, such as Anthem – Blue Cross & Blue Shield, Assurant Health (Fortis), AIG, Nationwide, and Golden Rule UnitedHealthCare. All of them have secured good A.M. ratings and have extensive experience in the US Healthcare industry.

US health insurance

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Health Insurance in USA – Benefits

Our plans include HMO (Health Management Organization) & PPO (Preferred Provider Organization) plans. Some of the plans provide coverage for pre-existing conditions once proven that you have prior creditable coverage. Examples of prior creditable coverage are an employer’s group plan, or another individual plan.

The vast range of benefits typically included is:

  • Hospitalization (in-patient) and Doctor’s (out-patient) Charges.
  • Prescription Drug Expenses
  • Surgery & Organ transplants
  • Maternity, Pregnancy & Child Birth (after a waiting period sometimes)
  • Emergency Medical Need Or Ambulance Services
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