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We purchased a visitor medical insurance policy from you (listed on NRIOL website) for my parents visiting USA


Virginia, USA.

Thank you very much for your prompt attention to this refund. I’ll be glad do business with you guys again. Thanks!



I have used one of the plans offered by you twice earlier. The insurance company has been very fair in the claims payment and reachable and efficient on processing claims – I highly recommend them.

Anita Rao

San Jose, CA

I would recomand this plan to any international student who is looking for a good coverage. I was also very satisfied with the help from your (International Services, Inc) customer service representatives. They are very knowledgable and understandable even when my english was not perfect.

Zdenka Potancokova


I wanted to thank you (International Services, Inc.,) for your assistance to me today for getting a health insurance. Your customer support representative provided me with outstanding service, he contacted my university, and put his time to verify what insurance would comply with my university.

Ahmed Fathy

FIU, Florida

I think visitors insurance for parents visiting USA is a wonderful idea! Without good insurance coverage for visiting parents we either paid for all their emergency health expenses or hoped that the Insurance Company in India reimbursed the medical expenses.


California, USA .

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