Visitor Insurance Comments

Impeccable customer service

    Nand – Saint Louis, Missouri, USA

    NRIOL is the perfect choice for your Insurance needs

Fair, reachable and efficient in claims payment

    Anita Rao – San Jose, California, USA

    The insurance company has been very fair in the claims payment and reachable and efficient on processing claims

Knowledgeable and sensitive customer service

    Zdenka Potancokova – International student in USA

    You can’t go wrong with them.

Professional, courteous, and very responsive to our needs

    Greg and Sandra Higgins – new immigrants to the US

    Thank you for providing the document we required. I must say it has been an absolute pleasure dealing with you

Excellent customer service

    Garu Kantor – Israel

    I ought to thank you for all your efforts to find suitable health insurance for me and my family during our travels abroad in Israel and South Africa

Prompt, professional and personalized service

    Andrew C Martin, Brighton – England, visiting the USA

    Your website is very user friendly and offers such a wide range of options.

Non US Citizen Health Insurance - Good Service

    Getu Beyene Duguma, Johnston- IA, visiting the USA

    Thanks to you, all the correct claims have been covered by the insurance company; and I don’t have to worry anymore about collectors’ warning phone calls and letters.

Patience......honesty.....sincerity while advising about health insurance!

    Nimesh Patel – USA

    I have no hesitation in recommending them if you are looking for Health Insurance

Impressive product knowledge!

    Venkat – California, USA

    He appreciated the good amount of time and effort you spent explaining in detail the benefits offered by each of the plans.

Excellent customer sevice!

    Rajesh Bhagat – New Jersey, USA

    I appreciate your effort in comparing the policies for me and then explaining the details of each policy.

General feedback

    Hariharan – Massachusetts, USA

    Your website has simplified the selection process by offering the best engine to compare the policies. I enjoyed working with you;

Worry free visit for my parents!

    Sunitha – California, USA

    Your website offers so much choice, flexibility and help in selecting a plan for visiting parents

Outstanding International Student Medical Insurance Customer Service

    Ahmed Fathy El-Shahat – FIU, Florida

    I wanted to thank you for your assistance.

Excellent Customer Service

    Avi Sangam – USA

    Your web site provides simple, easy to understand information.

Fabulous Customer Service

    Dr.Pradeep – Dublin, Republic of Ireland

    Your customer service is fabulous.

Excellent Customer Service

    David – Arizona, USA

    Excellent service during the weekend.

Visa Insurance Policy - Excellent Service

    Lizhen – Chicago, Illinois, USA

    I was looking for coverage for Jvisa. Thanks, for your excellent service and great help!

Short Term Insurance Policy - Pleasant Service

    Michelle – Memphis, Tennessee, USA

    I appreciate the help I received from you regarding my short term insurance policy.

Visitor Medical Insurance - Excellent Service Mindedness and Helpfulness

    Dr. Victor

    I would like to personally thank their representative for excellent service mindedness and helpfulness.

Good Claims Settlement by USA Insurance Company for a Visitor's Heart Attack

    Rakesh – Glen Allen, Virginia, USA

    The visitor insurance plan made a huge difference to me when my father had a heart attack during his stay in USA.

Non US Citizen Health Insurance - Good Service

    Getu Beyene Duguma – Johnston, IA, USA

    Thanks to you, all the correct claims have been covered by the insurance company; and I don’t have to worry anymore about collectors’ warning phone calls and letters.

Prompt refund of visitor insurance


    NRIOL – Thank you very much for your prompt attention to this refund. I’ll be glad do business with you guys again.

Professional service for visitor travel insurance

    Julia – San Antonio, Texas, USA

    NRIOL – Thank you for being courteous and very professional.

Prompt Visitor Insurance Claims Settlement, Excellent Guidance & Honest Service

    Sheetal – USA

    Excellent customer service and guidance in selecting an appropriate plan

Good customer service

    Aditya – USA

    I am very pleased to say that the customer service was excellent