Health Insurance for Green card Holders and Immigrants

Health Insurance for Green Card Holders

Health Insurance for Green Card Holders

Health Insurance for green card holders is available with the same terms and conditions as that of US citizens. The green card holders can purchase their health insurance plan from any private insurance marketplace. At NRIOL, we are obliged to bring you the best and affordable Health Insurance for Immigrants and green card holders in the USA. These insurances are not only cost-effective but also come with a quick and simple application process and hassle-free claims.

This medical insurance for green card holders plans usually provide some common coverages, such as – doctor’s visits, hospitals; Evacuation & Ambulance service; Ideal for temporary workers and those seeking to immigrate to the USA. 

Regardless of if you live in the US or visit there once in six months, getting health insurance for green card holders can save you from expensive hospital expenses, accidental deaths, and other misfortunes as well. 

Advantages of Health Insurance for green card holders 

  • Help you with medical expenses: Getting medical insurance for green card parents can be a life-saving investment as it avoids you spending much money on medications.
  • Covers Covid-19 hospitalization: Some health insurance for green card holders also provides coverage for the deadly Covid-19 medications and hospitalization.
  • Provide coverage of critical illness: Health insurance for green card holders offers coverage for some critical diseases. Get medical coverage from NROIL to get these benefits.
  • Covers prescription medications: Prescribed drugs alone can make a hole in your pocket. That’s why plenty of Health Insurance for green card holders provides this coverage.
  • Get support for your pre-existing conditions: There’s no doubt that the medical expenses in the US are deadly expensive. Some health insurance for immigrants and green card holders provides you help for your pre-existing medical conditions. 

Why choose us for Health Insurance for green card holders

  • Economical Prices: We offer the best deals of health insurance for green card holders at pocket-friendly prices along with profitable benefits.
  • Huge range of Coverages: You get to choose from a variety of health insurance plans for green card holders that come with different coverages. 
  • Simple and quick purchase: Uncomplicated and easy application process of medical insurance for green card holders that can be completed any time, by anyone. 
  • 24*7 Support: At NRIOL, our experts are there for you 24*7 to solve your health insurance-related doubts and fast forward the process. 
  • Quick pay intimation: We help you get your claims of health insurance for new immigrants and green card holders clear faster than ever and acquire your medical coverage on time without any complications.

Health Insurance for Immigrants – Why

Health Insurance for Immigrants is needed to protect immigrants from high medical bills. These affordable plans can cover expenses from doctor’s visits, emergency treatment, hospitalization expenses, maternity, prescription drugs, etc.

The fixed benefits health insurance for new immigrants offers basic coverage at an inexpensive price. The comprehensive immigrant medical insurance provides a range of coverage that exceeds the fixed benefits plans. Lloyds, AIG, and Nationwide are a few examples of insurance carriers that underwrite our immigrant health insurance plans. You can compare in-depth information about multiple immigrant insurance plans and then choose a plan that will meet your specific needs.

Health insurance for immigrants may be purchased over the phone, online, by mail, or by fax. Payment of the premium may be made by money order, check credit card or wire transfer. A few US consulates and embassies located in foreign countries demand proof of adequate health insurance for Immigrant coverage. In such cases, it is best to apply online through our website because the documents confirming insurance coverage would be made available (via email or online download) immediately after the purchase of Immigrant health insurance.

Health Insurance for Green Card Holders – Eligibility

Immigrant health Insurance is for non-United States citizens immigrating to the US or those in the US on long-term work assignments (H1B & H4 visa holders). These health insurance for Immigrant plans offer options to purchase for as short as 1 month to as long as 5 years. All immigrant plans are renewable; so one could purchase in monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, or annual increments. Some immigrant health insurance plans require you to be enrolled on the plans within 24 months of arrival in the United States.

Seniors or elderly (65 years and above) immigrating to the US will not be eligible for Medicare (healthcare provided to seniors by US Govt.) till they become US citizens. It typically takes 5 years for new immigrants to become eligible for US citizenship. Our health insurance for new immigrants plans can serve as a bridge insurance plan covering the sudden sickness/injury of new immigrants till they move on to US Medicare insurance.

One can compare the premiums and features of both types of plans by completing the health insurance for immigrants quote form (at the top of this page) and clicking the ‘Get Quote’ button.

Benefits & Coverage

Hospital Expenses
Doctor’s and Clinical Expenses
Prescription Drug Fees
Evacuation & Ambulance Services
Accidental Dental Expenses
Accidental Death and Dismemberment
Repatriation of Mortal Remains


Kaiser Family Foundation Health website that includes information about Health Insurance for Immigrants
Kaiser on Immigrant Insurance Coverage & Access
Read Client Comments and immigrant insurance experience

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Best Health Insurance for green card holders

Ample health insurance plans are available in the marketplace for green card holders. We have listed down the best three health insurance for green card holders. 

  • Patriot Platinum America: Patriot Platinum America is a premium medical insurance for green card parents that offers coverage of up to $100,000 to an individual. 
  • Patriot America: Patriot America is one of the best health insurance plans providing medical coverage to individuals and groups for years now. 
  • Visitors Care: Visitors Care is known for its pocket-friendly medical insurance for green card holders that come with some fixed benefits and offers up to $100,000 maximum.

Best Health Insurance for new immigrants in the US 

NROIL helps you get peace of mind by finding the most suitable health insurance for yourself. Out of a huge variety of health insurance policies, here are the three best health insurance for new immigrants in the US that you need to consider. 

  • Patriot America Plus: Being one of the leading health insurance plans, Patriot America Plus offers medical coverage to new immigrants in the US at reasonable prices with a coverage duration of 5-360 days. 
  • Diplomat America: Diplomat America provides comprehensive immigrant health insurance plans. The policy covers the medical coverage during travel with a duration of 15 days to 1 year.
  • Bridge Plan: Bridge Plan is a renewable medical insurance policy for people between the 60-95 year age group. The duration of this health insurance for new immigrants plan is up to 11 months.


  • Do green card holders need health insurance?

Having health insurance for green card holders is not necessary for the US. However, keeping in mind the high medical expenses, it can be a wise decision to get health insurance for green card holders as they also cover doctor consultation expenses, accidental expenses, and more.  

  • How much does health insurance for green card holders cost?

The cost of medical insurance for green card holders depends on some factors. However, on average the price starts from as low as $71 per month and the cost goes on. One can get their medical insurance for green card parents depending upon their requirements. 

  • Can an immigrant get health insurance?

Immigrants who are lawfully present are eligible for Immigrant health insurance in the US. They can get medical insurance from their employer or from any private company which mainly covers doctor visit fees, hospitalization, and other expenses. However, health insurance for new immigrants may not be available. 

  • How do immigrants get health insurance in the USA?

Immigrants are eligible for individual Immigrant health insurance plans, similar to that of US citizens. They may easily find insurance from the private insurance marketplace, according to their concerns and requirements. At NROIL, you get the best deals at affordable prices of health insurance for new immigrants.

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