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Tips for Buying Short Term Health Insurance

Short term health insurance, or short term medical insurance, is a type of insurance that protects you from high medical bills and helps you look after your health by being able to afford good quality health care. It is a type of health insurance, where you pay your premium each month and are then covered for any medical treatment you need. For example, if you break a leg and need x-rays and checkups, the insurance will cover it. If you are hit by a virus your insurance covers you for prescription drugs and doctors office visits. The short term part […]

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How Short Term Health Insurance Helps

There are times in life when you find yourself between medical insurance plans but you always need to be comprehensively covered. Illness and injury don’t wait until you have got your long-term medical insurance sorted out, and you could get into financial trouble if you don’t have any insurance in place. Short term health insurance or short term medical insurance is designed to provide temporary health coverage for a period of between one month and around 36 months. Short term health insurance helps you when you are between jobs – you may have left one job where you had medical […]

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