Inside USA Coverage

Fixed Benefits Insurance Policies


Medical Coverage for Visitors USA

Visitors Care

Insurance for Outside Home Country

Visit USA Budget

Visit USA Healthcare Insurance

Safe Travels Elite

Affordable Plan for Visitors to the USA

Comprehensive Insurance Policies

Patriot America Plus

Patriot America® Plus Insurance for non-US citizens

Atlas America

Atlas America insurance plan offers protection for non US citizens traveling outside their Home Country

Patriot America

Patriot America Insurance for non US citizens visiting the US;

Diplomat America Insurance

Diplomat America insurance for visitors to USA;

Diplomat Long Term

Diplomat Long Term Insurance (LT) for immigrants, Seniors

Visit USA

Visit USA insurance for visitors, immigrants.

Patriot Platinum America

Patriot Platinum America Insurance for Non US Citizens with superior medical benefits, emergency coverage.

International Major Medical Plan

International Major Medical Insurance for Visitors to USA


High limit illness and accident coverage at affordable price