Group Study Abroad Health Insurance, Exchange Program Group Insurance for International Students

Short or long term health coverage for student groups; Meet requirements; Flexible & easy to set up

Group (Study Abroad/Exchange Students Insurance)-Short Term

Patriot Exchange Group Insurance is available to members(5 or more) actively participating in a research, educational or cultural exchange program abroad through a sponsor
Coverage is also available to spouses and dependent children travelling with the exchange student
The Group Insurance is available from 1 month to 24 months
Extensive network of hospitals and doctors
Group members can have different start dates and end dates.
Plan underwritten by Sirius International
Meets State Department requirements for J visa holders

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Group International Student Insurance – Long Term

Student Health Advantage Insurance offers long term worldwide medical insurance for groups of international students.
Meets student visa requirements.
Individuals and groups of 5 or more students and their dependents can purchase the plan.
Maternity coverage (Only for Platinum Plan).
Can cover pre-existing conditions after 12 months.
Group coverage can be renewed up to 5 years.
Vast network of doctors and hospitals.

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Study Abroad programs are an excellent way to gain exposure to other countries and can be a great learning experience. Study Abroad programs & Student Exchange Organizations are often required to insure members for medical expenses, evacuation, and repatriation while they are abroad. The student groups may require long term or short term coverage depending on the nature of their trip. Some exchange programs also require the group study abroad insurance plan to meet certain requirements specified by the State Department. Proof of study abroad health insurance might be required before the student group is granted a visa.

Individual health plans for each student can be very difficult to track and manage. Our Group Study Abroad Insurance plans for International Student Departments & Organizations are easy to set up and administer. They offer a lot of flexibility in setting up plans to meet the group’s needs. Depending on the plan, International student departments can receive monthly invoices and pay by credit card or check.

Study Abroad Group Insurance – Eligibility

Study Abroad Group Health insurance plans have certain eligibility requirements. Typically one would need a minimum of 2 to 5 students/members to be insured. The members must also engage in research, educational or cultural exchange activities outside their home country. Some group international student plans require their members to be full time students enrolled in a university. Most student group plans require the student to be on the plan if the dependents need coverage.

International Student Group Insurance – Coverage

International student group health insurance plans are designed to protect against sudden accidents or illnesses and they usually do not include benefits for preventive care, physicals, and immunizations, maternity(specific plans only), dental or vision care. These group plans typically do not cover pre-existing medical conditions.

Most student group plans typically cover:

  • Hospital & Surgery Fees
  • Outpatient Doctor Office fees
  • Diagnostic & lab fees
  • Prescription drugs
  • Repatriation of Mortal Remains

Exchange Program Group Insurance – Enrollment

Most student group plans can be purchased online using a credit card with immediate email confirmations. ID cards and confirmation of coverage letters can be printed instantly. The plans can also be purchased using a paper application and payments can be made by check. Once a group has been set up, ongoing enrollments are possible by sending a new roster with details of additions and cancellations to the group. Manage your next international student and exchange group by setting up a group student insurance plan.

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