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For a plan that meets the requirements of the Schengen countries. Coverage confirmation and Insurance letter available after purchase.

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Where should one apply?

If you intend to visit only one particular Schengen country, you must apply at the Embassy of that particular country.
If you intend to visit several Schengen countries, you must apply at the Embassy of your main destination.
If you intend to visit several Schengen countries, but you do not have a main destination, you should apply at the Embassy of your first port of entry.


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Europe Travel Insurance is either required by many countries in Europe or is recommended for visitors and travelers to Europe. Many countries like France, Germany, Italy, Spain etc. will not issue a visa unless applicants/visitors demonstrate adequate insurance coverage. Find a plan that meets & exceeds the insurance requirements for visas – Complete the form above and click the ‘Get Quote’ button to get a quote!

Schengen Visa Insurance

Travel to Europe has been made convenient with the Schengen Visa. A single Schengen visa allows foreigners to travel to 15 Schengen countries. However Schengen countries require visitors to have health insurance. The requirements of travel insurance to Europe are specified by the consulates and are the same for all the Schengen countries. Upon purchase, the coverage confirmation for travel Insurance for Europe as well as a visa insurance letter is made available online and can be downloaded.

Why buy travel insurance to Europe

Travel Insurance to Europe primarily covers unexpected expenses from hospitalization, out-patient treatment, medical evacuation and repatriation of mortal remains. European governments do not want to bear the costs of treating an injured or sick tourist visiting Europe hence they mandate travel insurance to Europe. Healthcare in many European countries is provided by their government for the nations’ citizens and they certainly do not want foreigners increasing the governments’ healthcare bills. Europe Travel Insurance is very affordable and can be easily purchased online.

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