Group Health Insurance, Employee Group Insurance

US Small Business, Global Multinational Employers, Church & Missionary Groups, Universities & Study Abroad Programs

Employee Group Health Insurance – US Domestic

$1 Million to $5 Million coverage for medical expenses
HMO & PPO Plans available for US Small Business
Minimum group size is 2 employees (2 W2 forms)
Dental, Vision, Disability, Term Life can be added
Various carriers – Anthem, United HealthCare, Blue Cross, Assurant

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International Employee Group Insurance – US & Worldwide

$1 to $5 Million coverage for employees spread around the world
Minimum 2 employees required; often 5 required
Coverage can be designed to include or exclude coverage in home-country & USA
Medical Evaucation, Repatriation, Accidental Death benefits
Underwritten by Lloyds, AIG, AIU, Sirius, HM Life

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Group Travel Insurance – Medical & Trip Cancellation

Two Types – Medical Coverage with/without Trip Cancellation
Ideal for group of traveling business executives, student groups, church missionary groups, exchange program tour groups
Wide variety of benefits for medical expenses, evacuation, repatriation, cancellations due to hurricane, terrorism etc.
Policy limits range from $10,000 to $2 Million; and deductibles from $0 to $2,500
Underwritten by Nationwide, National Fire Insurance Company etc.

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International Student Group Insurance – USA or Study Abroad

Two Types – Upto 1 Year Coverage & Long Term Coverage
Meets or Exceeds the Insurance Requirements for Study Abroad Programs
Minimum 5 students requirement.
Can include coverage for medical expenses, evacuation, repatriation, prescription drugs, maternity etc.
Underwritten by Lloyds, Sirius International, AIG etc.

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Group Health insurance permits group administrators to uniformly protect the required group of employees/members. Premium payments are typically made by the organization responsible for the employees or members. These plans can usually be customized to include benefits tailored to the needs of your specific organization and situation. We are one of the few companies that work with a large number of major Insurance carriers to offer solutions with US Domestic Coverage and/or Global International coverage.

Group Health Insurance – Eligibility& Enrollment

Group health insurance plans have various eligibility requirements. Typically one would need a minimum of 2 or 5 employees/members to be insured. Depending on the underwriting guidelines the definition of the employee for US Small Business Employee Group Health Insurance can be defined as a full time (or part time) employee receiving a W2 wage form. The eligibility for the group travel insurance may be defined as a participant of the tour or expedition.

There are quite a few carriers offering small business group health insurance. Typically groups of less than 10 employees go through full underwriting; this implies that all employees will have to submit full medical history and final group premium is ascertained only after processing all applications. If the group is fairly large then some carriers offer coverage to the group without requiring the full medical history of each employee.

Group Health Insurance – Coverage

Group health insurance plans have a wide variety of benefits; and these can include benefits for preventive care, physicals, immunizations, dental or vision care. In many cases for large groups pre-existing medical conditions can be covered and for smaller groups there is usually a waiting period before pre-existing conditions can be covered.

Group Health Insurance plans typically cover (benefits vary by state and plan):

Hospital & Surgery Fees
Outpatient Doctor Office fees
Diagnostic & lab fees
Organs, tissue or bone marrow transplant
Repatriation of Mortal Remains
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