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Best Health insurance for international students in USA

Meeting the daily expenses in the USA can be a huge task for the students who go there for their studies with an F1 visa. They’ve to rely on loans or scholarships for their academic expenses. And what makes it even worse are the unfortunate health conditions. With this in mind, one of the wisest choices you can make is investing in F1 student health insurance. These coverages provide inclusion for doctors and hospitals; Meets University requirements; Save money; make Completed waiver forms available, and more. 

Most US universities require their F1 visa students to be covered by international student medical insurance for f1 students. While many universities offer coverage to international students and require a waiver form to be filled if the student chooses to purchase health insurance for F1 visa students from outside the University, students often save money by doing so. 

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International student insurance

What is F1 student health insurance?

Every year thousands of international students opt for studies in the USA and abroad. And a large quantity of them also goes through uncertain medical conditions that affect them not only financially but mentally too. With this in mind, it’s advised to plan something in advance for such uncertainties, such as medical insurance for F1 Students. 

F1 student health insurance is a particular Insurance policy for international students who come to the USA for their studies. Not to mention, in some universities, it’s mandatory for all non-US students to purchase health insurance for F1 visa students. Otherwise, students will not be allowed to attend their classes. 

Some universities also offer some standard f1 student health insurance policies. However, students can purchase coverage from the open market too. 

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Advantages of F1 Student Health Insurance

    • No-headache: Investing in F1 student health insurance gives you peace of mind so that you can effectively focus on your studies.
    • Cost less: This is a fact that Insurance plans cost much less than any uncertain medical emergency expenses, especially in the US.
    • Covid-19 protection: A huge number of health insurance for F1 visa students provide coverage from Covid-19 hospitalization and other expenses.
    • Pre-existing conditions: Some F1 student health insurance policies also offer claims for pre-existing conditions for international students.
    • Accidental Death: Along with the Covid-19 protection, several medical Insurance for F1 Students plans extend their scope of coverage to accidental deaths as well.

Why Choose NRIOL for the best F1 student health insurance

At NRIOL, we offer a wide array of the best medical insurance for F1 students.

  • Wide variety to choose from NRIOL has something for everyone. Choose the one that fits your needs out of a great array of best options
  • Hassle-free purchases: Pick an F1 student health insurance plan and purchase it within a few minutes without any hassle.
  • Quick claims: We understand that delayed reimbursements are the worst thing in your hard times. That’s why we make it easy for you.
  • Best customer support: We are here for you 24*7. Get all your doubts solved instantly.
  • Affordable prices: Get best health insurance for international students in USA at affordable prices.

Best medical insurance for F1 students in the USA

NRIOL brings to you a complete list of the best medical insurance plans for F1 students in the USA. All these are hand-picked by us.

  • Patriot America:

    Patriot America is one of the most affordable and well-known F1 Student health insurance policies for f1 students. It offers coverage from Covid-19, hospital and doctor expenses, medical expenses, and more.

  • Student Health Advantage:

    Student health advantage policy is designed for students or scholars looking for an annually renewable insurance policy. The maximum amount this F1 student health insurance offers to the students is $500,000.

  • StudentsSecure:

    StudentsSecure is specially created for students studying overseas and in the US. This health insurance for F1 visa students offers 4 different policies named Smart, Budget, Select and Elite and the coverages of each of these differences as per their prices.

  • Study USA

    Study USA is one of the best and budget-friendly Health insurance for F1 visa students. The plan covers Covid-19 hospitalization and medical expenses along with doctor fees, medical expenses, mental health costs, etc.

International Student Health Insurance – Review Purchase

Our goal is to make it easy for you to find a plan, compare coverage and costs, and purchase an international student health insurance plan that meets your University’s requirements.

Coverage can be purchased as required for the semester or more. The plans can be bought for a minimum of five days or one month, depending on the plan.

    • Medical insurance for F1 students can be purchased as required for the semester or more. The plans can be bought for a minimum of five days or one month, depending on the plan.
    • One can renew the plan as long you remain eligible for it.
    • There is a choice of deductibles, the most common being $50 and $100. Many student health insurance for F1 visa students’ policies offer significant savings if treatment is first sought at the school’s medical center.
    • F1 student health insurance purchases can be completed online, over the phone, or the completed application can be faxed or mailed in.
    • Medical insurance for F1 students can be paid for via money order, check credit card or wire transfer.
    • Payment options include credit card, check, wire transfer, or money order.
    • The insurance ID card and confirmation of coverage are sent by email soon after the F1 student health insurance is bought.
    • The University’s insurance waiver form can be completed as well after the purchase is complete.

Tips for buying International Student Health Insurance.

  • Students now need to offer proof of health insurance to many colleges and universities throughout the United States now. International student health insurance will cut the cost of high medical bills and offers quality treatment.
  • Many insurance policies hold good only in the country in which they’re originally issued. So check if your current insurance policy is recognized in the country where you’re attending school.
  • Get insurance policies from companies specializing in this field for a better value and it will also be a more convenient option.
  • Check the coverage duration of the policy and verify if it matches upon the length of your stay abroad. Be sure about the conditions covered and the deductible type.
  • Check if the coverage includes the costs related to repatriation, or the costs of transporting the student to the nearest medical facility in case of emergency.
  • Compare international student insurance policies and school-run plans for their limitations and expenses incurred.
  • Get quotes from multiple providers so you that you get the best coverage at the best rate. You can often find rates listed on insurers’ web sites, or you can get customized quotes via e-mail.
  • General Health Tips for International students:
  • Check with a health-care provider to make sure you are up-to-date with all routine vaccinations. And also get any required additional vaccinations, medications, or information you may need to stay healthy abroad.
  • Prepare a travel health kit that includes basic medications and First Aid kit.
  • Have a copy of your vaccination record.
  • Reduce risk of illness by adhering to clean and healthy habits.
  • Be aware of the road rules and follow the local customs and laws regarding pedestrian safety and vehicle speed.


  • How to buy health insurance for F1 visa students?

    International students can purchase health insurance from their university, if they provide this facility or, they can also get one from the open market. They are required to fill in some information and based on that, they can purchase medical insurance for F1 students that suits their needs.

  • Is health insurance mandatory for F1 students?

    Many universities make it compulsory for international students to get F1 student health insurance. Non-US citizens do not qualify for any government health insurance policy, so they can get one from either their university or from the open market.

  • What are the F1 student health insurance requirements?

    There are no such requirements for F1 student health insurance. However, sometimes it’s the school’s or university’s requirements that determines which coverage will suit the best to the student. And otherwise, you can simply decide on your own.

  • How much does medical insurance for F1 students cost?

    The cost of F1 student health insurance depends on the coverage that you’re going to purchase. Nevertheless, F1 student health insurance plans start from $500, and go up to $1,000 per year.

  • Benefits & Coverage
  • Waiver form completed on purchase
  • Evacuation & Ambulance Services
  • Doctor and Hospital Expenses
  • Rx drugs, Dental Fees
  • Emergency Medical Assistance
  • Accidental Death and Dismemberment
  • Repatriation of Mortal Remains
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