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OPT stands for Optional Practical Training that international students on F1 visas can take up after or between their academic sessions. Students coming to the US on F1 visas may extend their stay by opting for OPT in their relative fields. It offers 12 -month work authorization to F1 students who have been full-time students for at least two consecutive semesters. They can seek temporary employment in the US in an area related to their studies. 

OPT student health insurance is a temporary need for students working and studying in the US. The insurance plans provide coverage for medical care for new illnesses, injuries and accidents, emergency transportation, COVID-19, hospitalization, urgent care, prescription drugs, and more. NRIOL.net has various affordable health insurance for OPT students as per their needs. To purchase one, call us

What is OPT student health insurance & why do you need it?

What is OPT student health insurance & why do you need it? 

OPT student insurance is designed for full-time international students who wish to work in their study area temporarily. F1 students can be eligible to participate in OPT in two ways: 

  • Pre-completion OPT: International F1 students can apply for pre-completion OPT after they have been lawfully enrolled in a college/university certified by the US Immigration and Customs Enforcement and Exchange Visitor Program for a full academic year. If they meet the requirement for ‘one full academic year,’ they do not need to maintain F1 status. In pre-completion OPT, students are permitted to work 20 hours or less while school/college/university is still in session. Students may work full-time when school/college/university is not in session. 
  • Post-completion OPT: International students can apply for post-completion OPT after completing their sessions. They can work part-time (20 hours a week) or full-time if they get authorization. 

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) OPT Extension is for international students who have earned a degree in science, technology, engineering, and math. This extension is for 24 months (about 2 years) and can be attained during the post-completion OPT program. 

As an international student on an F1 visa, schools/colleges/universities may require students to purchase school-sponsored insurance programs. In contrast, others may allow the students to opt out of the school’s insurance program and choose policies from outside that meet the school’s requirements. After the university program is completed, not all schools/universities will allow students to stay on the universities/school’s insurance plan. OPT health insurance can help international students get health insurance during their OPT. OPT health insurance offers coverage to these students based on their eligibility. These policies offer different health benefits, including medical and travel benefits. 

In the US, as the healthcare system is complicated and expensive, international students will not be able to handle the medical costs. Therefore, purchasing OPT health insurance is necessary. The students can utilize the plan’s medical benefits and get cashless treatments in the hospitals. As a result, they can focus on their work and study while their preferred health plans cover their unforeseen medical expenditure.  

NRIOL.net displays health insurance programs for OPT students that can be purchased for any duration from 5 days to 3 years. Besides, students can compare the plans and get quotes.  

Purchasing health insurance for OPT students

Many international students participate in Optional Practical Training after completing graduate or undergraduate school in the United States. We offer top-quality OPT health insurance for those participating in optional practical training. Our OPT health insurance plans offer coverage for unexpected medical expenses due to sudden ailments, accidents, or injuries.

You can get free quotes, plan details, and online purchase of OPT medical insurance. The OPT insurance plans can be renewed monthly, so you can be covered till you qualify for your employer’s insurance plan. OPT health insurance can be purchased by mail, phone, online, or by fax. We accept payment in the form of money order, check, credit card, or wire transfer. Confirmation of coverage is emailed to you within 24 hours after purchase. Even a single hospitalization can wipe out your savings and ruin your credit. It is wiser to protect yourself and purchase OPT health insurance for yourself and your dependents.

purchasing health insurance for opt students
medical insurance for opt – plan providers

Medical Insurance for OPT – Plan Providers

We provide OPT health insurance from first-rate insurance companies. All of our OPT medical insurance plans are provided by insurance carriers that have scored highly on the A.M. rating scale. A.M. Best Company is known as the most accurate source for insurance company ratings. A.M. Best Company is also the world’s oldest source of insurance company information and ratings.

Advantages of OPT student health insurance

    • Covers COVID-19– COVID-19 is still not over, and the infection can harm anyone’s health. OPT student health insurance protects against COVID-19 as any other illness and can cover the related medical fees. 
    • Offers emergency medical care– These plans cover sudden illnesses, wounds, injuries, and accidents. 
    • Offers emergency transportation– Health insurance for OPT students provides emergency transportation facilities from a remote location to the nearest qualified medical center. 
    • Covers acute onset for pre-existing conditions– Some plans can cover one episode of acute onset of pre-existing conditions, while some can cover non-chronic acute onset of pre-existing conditions. 
    • Repatriation of remains– Get your repatriation costs covered in case of any unfortunate incident. 

Why choose us for OPT student health insurance?

  • Affordable plans

    NRIOL.net offers the best insurance rates in the market for international students. We also provide the facility to compare the plans and get quotes. 

  • Expert guidance

    We have experts working with us for several years. For any suggestions or help, do not hesitate to call us. We ensure to clear all the doubts and offer the right advice. 

  • Smooth buying process

    Buying an OPT student insurance plan takes just a few  minutes. Students receive a confirmation email instantly after the purchase.

  • Prompt customer support

    We work 24*7, assuring quick and fast customer support to all our customers before and after purchasing a plan. 

  • Quick claim process

    NRIOL.net helps you get your claims quickly without hassle. 

How does OPT student health insurance work? 

As the US has uncontrollably high medical bills, international students may find it challenging to survive without adequate coverage. As international students are not entitled to enjoy domestic plans from Obamacare, they either need to buy a school-sponsored insurance plan or check if the school gives the flexibility to buy a plan from outside using the waiver option when they are full-time students enrolled in classes. When on OPT status, the insurance plans through the university might now always provide coverage. At that time, they will have to consider OPT health insurance.  

Students can buy OPT student health insurance when students get authorized for OPT training and staying extension. These insurance plans cover eligible medical expenses, doctor’s visits, urgent care, surgeries, dental pain, prescription drugs, emergency room visits, emergency medical evacuation, repatriation, etc. Depending on their chosen plan, students can enjoy cashless treatment for their eligible medical expenditure up to their selected policy maximum. Once the student buys the plan, the confirmation is emailed to the email address on file. The ID card and other insurance documents can be downloaded. In the event, you need to use insurance you can simply show the ID card to the provider. Providers in the network can bill the insurance company directly.  

How does OPT student health insurance work?
OPT insurance requirements

OPT insurance requirements 

Optional Practical Training (OPT) is a permitted 12-month working period for undergraduate and graduate students on F1 visas. They must finish their degrees or have studied in the US for one full academic year. 

Most of the time, there are no requirements for any health insurance coverage. The first step is to contact the school to learn if the insurance plan they were on will cover them when on an OPT. If the current plan does cover the students, then they can continue with it by paying the premium, but if it does not then they can consider OPT insurance.  

In short, based on their eligibility and criteria, students can purchase OPT health insurance. 


  • What does OPT mean in health insurance?

    OPT stands for Optional Practical Training. The insurance is designed for full-time academic students who receive authorization to work in the US  in their field of education.  

  • Do F1 students have to have health insurance?

    Yes, F1 students can purchase a school-sponsored insurance plan or waive a school-sponsored plan and sign up for a plan  from a private insurance company. However, the students must ensure that their purchased plan meets their schools’ requirements. 

  • Do OPT students require health insurance in the US?

    Though not mandatory, it is a good Yes. Without health insurance, OPT students need to pay medical costs from their pockets. It can give a severe blow to their finances. 

  • What are the best health insurance plans for OPT students?

    Safe Travel USA Comprehensive, Atlas America, and Safe Travel Elite are some popular choices among international students on OPT in  the US. To know more, contact us. 

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