Dental Insurance for USA

Dental Insurance for International Students, Visitors, US Residents

Medical aid in the US is expensive. To protect visitors, students, and US residents from the financial backlashes of medical treatments, the NRIOL offers multiple Visitors Health insurance policies. But hardly any medical insurance covers the cost of dental problems.

Dealing with dental issues can be extremely painful, and the cost of the treatment may deplete the patient’s savings. To protect yourself from such a situation, buy dental insurance for visitors to the USA.

Some of the Visitor insurance plans cover dental injuries and sudden pain treatment. But the coverage is minimal. To maintain good dental hygiene, regular dental check-ups are needed. A Dental Insurance for International Students helps students living in the US take care of their oral health. NRIOL has experienced insurance agents who will help you choose the best dental insurance for students. Connect with us today!

dental insurance for international students, visitors, us residents

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Advantages of Dental Insurance for International Students & Visitors

Standard Visitors Insurances may cover critical illnesses and acute onsets of pre-existing conditions. But that coverage is not enough for dental problems. Below are the advantages of Dental Insurance for International Students.

  • Dental Treatment Coverage: Visitors Dental Insurance covers all your dental expenses, right from routine check-ups to major surgeries.
  • Economical: A sudden dental treatment can cost a lot. Dental insurance for students covers up any unexpected dental expense.
  • Preventive care: Not only does the dental insurance for visitors to the USA cover the treatment. It also pays for preventive oral care.
  • Happy Travelling experience: When you know that you are covered for every possible medical situation, you can travel with a stress-free mind and enjoy your time in the US.
  • Protective Benefits: Having dental insurance guarantees that oral health is being taken care of. You need not hesitate or compromise your dental hygiene due to financial issues.

Why choose us for Dental Insurance for International Students & Visitors

NRIOL  has years of experience in offering the best Dental Insurance for International Students and visitors in the USA. With us, you get insurance that caters specifically to your needs.

  • Global Clients: NRIOL offers dental insurances to clients from all over the world visiting the US.
  • Best Policies: We offer the option of choosing from multiple policies. You get to compare and select a policy that meets all your needs and requirements.
  • Experienced Staff: Our Insurance agents have years of experience backing them. Suppose you are unsure about which policy to choose our staff and guide you through the process.
  • Quick Claim Assurance:  With us, your claim process is extremely smooth as our agents help you throughout the process, right from filing the claim to the sum retrieval.
  • 24/7 Support: Our service team works round the clock to ensure that your doubts and questions are answered at all times.
how do dental insurance plans work

How do Dental Insurance Plans Work?

Generally, if you are an international student on (F1, F2 Visa) or visiting scholar (J1, J2 Visa), then you have two options to purchase a dental Insurance

You can either get strictly dental insurance for visitors to the USA plan or obtain a medical + dental package plan.

The first one will cater to all your dental needs in both these insurances, right from preventive care to root canal and major surgeries. This insurance premium may cost a little bit more, but the coverage you receive is absolute.

Whereas the medical + dental package plan does not offer comprehensive dental benefits, it meets most schools’ F1/J1 visa insurance requirements.

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