Visitor medical Insurance Tips for travelers


On any account don’t travel without a medical insurance to country like United States, where medical care is extremely expensive. Here are few tips to buy insurance

  • Always be rational and buy insurance from a reputed and reliable agent/website who is not aggressive and provides comprehensive information about the policies.
  • Be informed about the services and coverage’s provided by interpreting all the documents carefully before deciding and opting for a policy.
  • Confirm about the policy renewal information. Obtaining a renewable policy would be advisable when duration of your stay is not set as cancellation or a refund for the unused part is not required.
  • In the case of your stay getting extended, be sure that policy is renewed on time.
  • It is always wiser to pay out little more on a wider coverage for unexpected emergencies or unpredictable expenses rather opting polices which only provides the coverage listed under ‘schedule of benefits’.

General Tips

  • Always carry general medication and instructions for medicines from your home country.
  • Always have some copies of insurance ID card and Passport.
  • Familiarize yourself with road traffic and get some general orientation on traffic rules.
  • Stock enough medicines if you are on prescribed medicines and planning for a longer stay.
  • Based on the weather condition get sufficient and suitable clothes. Getting a weather report in advance and carrying clothes accordingly is more advisable.