Visitor Insurance Shadows You Home

Sometimes, international travel comes with complicated itineraries, and travel insurance policies tend to reflect that. A visitor to the United States, for example, may return to his/her home country for a couple of weeks during his/her U.S. travel. Most visitors medical insurance plans offer coverage for such incidental trips to the home country.

The trip could be a planned one or an unplanned trip caused by an emergency. During this two- week period, the plan holder may not possess any kind of health insurance. Keeping this mind, most visitor insurance plans offer some form of ‘home country coverage.’

The Atlas Travel insurance plans offers medical coverage for incidental visits to the home country along with regular travel health insurance. For each three months of continuous coverage, the plan holder can be covered for 15 days in the home country.

The only restriction that is imposed is that the purpose of the incidental trip to the home country must not be for the purpose of obtaining medical treatment. Some plans such as Immigrant Secure offer coverage for one trip to the home country. The Atlas Travel series also continues coverage for 180 days after the plan period, to cover illnesses or injuries that were first treated under the plan.

Description: Many U.S. visitors insurance plans offer options to continue coverage for incidental trips to the home country.