Evacuated Flight Reminds Us of the Need for Trip Cancellation Insurance

More and more often, it seems like flight delays are not cancelled only for the old traditional reasons like mechanical problems or weather. Increasingly, planes are delayed or cancelled because of safety concerns, as recently seen in Philadelphia Pennsylvania. When these situations arise, trip cancellation insurance makes for a smart investment.

In the flight in question, authorities noticed a man working near a flight to Bermuda who did not seem like he should be working on the particular flight. The man disappeared, and the flight was cancelled so that authorities could inspect the plane and its contents thoroughly.

In these situations, authorities simply cannot take chances. If they guess wrong, people could lose their lives. But while you may understand why these delays must occur, it does not take the sting away from flight delays and missed connections. Missing connections can be an expensive proposition if you have to book a new flight out of your own pocket, and if you miss out on things you may have already booked like hotels and event tickets.

Trip cancellation insurance will allow you to recoup your travel expenses when these unfortunate circumstances arise. So if your flight is delayed due to circumstances beyond your control, or even if you need to initiate the cancellation of a flight, you do not need to worry about losing hundreds or even thousands of dollars.