Visitor Insurance – From Home or Abroad

Summer is a great time to visit the United States, and most visitors will do well to think about visitor medical insurance before making the trip. To travel with peace of mind, it is best to purchase visitors health insurance that covers you for any sudden or unplanned illness before the trip itself.

There might be insurance plans that are offered by your local travel agent when you purchase the ticket. However, remember that these visitor insurance plans might suffer from some disadvantages. One of the primary disadvantages is the non-availability of cashless billing.

Since these plans do not have set PPOs in the United States, they typically work on the basis of reimbursement, which can involve very lengthy procedures. Also, some of the plans’ claim procedures can only be initiated only after return to the home country.

Plans such as Visit USA Insurance and Patriot America Insurance offer affordable coverage within the U.S. Coverage is also offered for incidental trips to the home country, as also AD&D and repatriation of remains benefits. Most of the plans are associated with reputed U.S. insurance companies and offer cashless transaction in hospitals and physician offices.