Travel Insurers Demand Skiers Wear Helmets

travel insurers demand skiers wear helmets

When you next hit the slopes you may have to pack a sturdy helmet along with your essential gloves, thick jacket and boots – at least if you want to be properly insured for your skiing trip. Many people already wear helmets when skiing but the item could become compulsory if more insurers follow the lead of one international travel insurance company. The insurer insists that anyone who is taking part in a skiing or snowboarding activity must be wearing a helmet, or coverage will be withdrawn.

The travel insurance company says that skiers will be deemed uninsured if they are injured in an accident and the insurer can prove that they were not wearing a helmet. The insurer says that making helmets compulsory may not remove all risk of an accident but it lowers the risk of serious, life-threatening injuries on the slopes. The company rewards skiers who use helmets with lower premiums and discounts.

But can an insurance company actually tell if you have been wearing a helmet or not after you have been involved in an accident? Not always – but the medical report could reveal whether you were skiing without headgear. Skiing is a dangerous sport but many people have become immune to the risks and take the issue of head injuries lightly. Even accidents at low speed can be fatal if a skier hits his or her head and is not wearing protection.

More and more skiers are choosing to wear a helmet and advice from doctors and professional ski instructors is to always wear one – whether or not your insurance provider requires it. You wouldn’t go without a helmet on a motorcycle or bike, and skiing should be no different. A properly fitted helmet could save your life when skiing so it is definitely worth adding it to your equipment list for your next trip.