Travel Nannies for Family Vacations

travel nannies for family vacations

More and more families are making use of specialist travel nannies for their vacations. When families want to travel to far-flung destinations but the parents want some adult-only time as well as family time, they are choosing to take a travel nanny with them. Many families don’t trust the babysitters at the resort or the hotel, and also want a more flexible option for childcare on vacation. In steps the travel nanny.

A travel nanny is a trained nanny who is hired specifically for a family’s vacation. The nanny travels with the family and stays in an adjoining room, and is available for babysitting, childcare, and specialist travel services such as ski lessons or diving. Many families who have a nanny at home are unable to bring that person on vacation due to the nanny’s family commitments, or lack of documents for travel. A travel nanny is specifically available for short term foreign travel, and families can meet them beforehand so they feel comfortable with their personality and level of expertise.

Parents can say yes to a last minute vacation dinner or sunset cruise, knowing that the nanny is in the next room and immediately available to look after the children. The children also benefit from a familiar face and not a succession of resort childcare assistants. Travel nannies may also offer specialist skills such as ski instruction or even a history degree to teach kids about the historic sites they are visiting.

Of course, a travel nanny is not a budget option. Families must pay one extra person’s air fare, accommodation, and food. For most families this is an added expense they can’t meet. But for some, the extra cost is well worth it if it means they get to spend time as a couple as well as time with the children on vacation.