How to Stay Healthy on Business Travel

how to stay healthy on business travel

As winter draws close it can be difficult to avoid the common cold or flu, particularly if you have to travel regularly for work. When you travel away from home on business it is more difficult to stay healthy because you are away from your familiar routines and environment, and you are coming into contact with a whole host of new germs. How do you prevent illness when you travel a lot on business? Is there any way to stay healthy and enjoy a more productive business travel experience?

Be careful with the food you eat, both on the road and before you leave. Pre-travel, load up with immune-boosting foods that will help protect you when you are traveling. Include foods that are high in vitamins and minerals such as zinc, selenium and carotene. Good pre-trip foods include fish, nuts, carrots, winter squash and dairy products. Try to continue to eat healthily when you are traveling – it may be difficult but if you can find at least one good nutritious meal a day you are helping your body ward off germs and fight illness.

To help your body when you don’t have the same access to a variety of healthy foods, take a supplement. Take a multivitamin supplement with probiotics before and during your travel. A multivitamin supplement isn’t better than eating healthily but it can make up nutritional deficiencies over a short period of time. You could also try different supplements for cold and flu symptoms, indigestion and jet lag.

Try to sleep as well as you can. In particular, try to stick to your regular number of hours of sleep. This may be difficult when you need to attend meetings and social events but even one night where you go to bed early is better than burning the candle at both ends for the entire week.