Swine flu coverage for international visitor health insurance

The coverage benefits of international visitor health insurance plans vary depending on the type of policy as well as the coverage limits. Though there are some standardized benefits offered by almost all health insurance plans, if you are looking for specific coverage like war, terrorism, epidemics, hazardous activities, pandemics, trip interruption, you need to look out for health care coverage for these special instances.

The swine flu outbreak was announced during the last week of April 2009. When panic spread, it became quite problematic for people to get health insurance coverage for any expenses incurred due to the disease. Not all insurance providers were willing to offer coverage for such a widespread epidemic.

However, when tourism was hugely affected in Mexico, it was decided that all tourists visiting the country for vacation during this epidemic would be given free health insurance coverage in case of swine flu when they check-in to specific hotels! This was one of the first times when the government took such a step to attract visitors to the country.

In case you are planning a vacation under such circumstances, it would be a good idea to buy trip cancellation insurance in order to get reimbursement in case it gets canceled or postponed.