Medical assistance out of PPO network

A PPO (Preferred Provider Organization) is a health care system managed by a set of hospitals, clinics and medical experts who provides services only to a specific association or group. It is generally funded by an insurance company or employers or some type of an organization.

The physicians associated with a particular PPO network provide medical consultation at subsidized rates to the employees, policyholders as well as sponsors. In turn, the policyholders also get benefited by enjoying discounts if they consult a medical professional associated with the PPO network.

Many insured individuals always ask a common question: whether they can visit any medical set-up outside the PPO network even if the list hospitals, clinics and professionals tied to the insurance provider are mentioned.

Irrespective of which international health insurance policy you purchase, you can consult any medical professional of your choice or visit any hospital. The difference lies in the amount of reimbursement that you would get from the insurance provider.

Generally, the insured enjoys maximum benefits for any claims filed if he or she seeks medical help within the PPO network. Otherwise, the percentage of reimbursement varies from insurance company to another.