Private Health Insurance Coverage – Individuals, Groups and Family

Individuals can buy private health insurance plans to ensure coverage for medical exigencies and assistance. Medical insurance plans are available for a single individual or an entire family consisting of spouse, and children (typically less than 19 years).

Health Insurance for individuals and groups can offer a break in premium if all the dependents are registered under the same plan. The premiums are calculated based on the age of the individuals, pre-existing medical conditions and medical services for which the insured seeks coverage.

Review the exclusions section especially the pre-existing medical conditions exclusion under the plan. Typically most plans exclude coverage for pre-existing conditions while a few can cover pre-existing conditions after a certain waiting period. Further, certain insurance policies can waive the waiting period if you have had equivalent coverage in the past and transitioning to a new plan without a break in coverage.

The benefits vary between different types of plans, i.e. short term health insurance vs travel insurance vs group health insurance. Individuals need to carefully go through the benefits and choose a plan that is suitable to their needs.