How Short Term Health Insurance Helps

There are times in life when you find yourself between medical insurance plans but you always need to be comprehensively covered. Illness and injury don’t wait until you have got your long-term medical insurance sorted out, and you could get into financial trouble if you don’t have any insurance in place. Short term health insurance or short term medical insurance is designed to provide temporary health coverage for a period of between one month and around 36 months.

Short term health insurance helps you when you are between jobs – you may have left one job where you had medical insurance coverage and are looking for another. In this job-seeking period you need to be effectively covered in case you fall ill or need medical treatment. In today’s economic climate more and more of us find out job situations unstable, or are making choices about switching careers or receiving further training. Short term insurance fills the gap while you are improving your job situation.

Another situation where short term insurance helps is when you are on COBRA health insurance, or when you are waiting for clearance on a new health insurance plan or for your permanent plan to become effective. You may be waiting for Medicare coverage. If you are changing plans you still need coverage while these changes become effective.

Recent college graduates may find themselves without coverage when their university coverage ends and they are also no longer covered under parents’ health plans, but haven’t yet started a full time job. Short term coverage is an economical option that gives you peace of mind and complete security. Take a look at another recent post for more help planning your short term insurance coverage.