Sleep Tips for Healthy Flying

Flying plays havoc with your sleep. If you normally have problems sleeping, flying will make them worse and if you love a good night’s sleep you may find yourself frustrated when you fly. Read on for some tips to get a good night’s sleep when you travel. When you sleep well you feel more rested and you are better able to enjoy your vacation or have a healthy business trip, and to adjust when you get back home.

Make sure you exercise after you have a long flight. Exercise wakes up your muscles and puts you in a healthier state of mind. It is best to exercise in the morning when you get to your destination, to help you adjust to the new time zone. You can also exercise while on the flight. Do some gentle stretches, get up and walk around the plane, and warm up your muscles. This is a good idea before you go to sleep on the flight.

If you need a cup of coffee, work out what time of the day it is best to drink it. Get the most from your caffeine kick by drinking it in the morning if you need help waking up. Don’t rely on drinking coffee or tea throughout the day because caffeine is dehydrating and it can disrupt your sleep patterns even more. You may also think that alcohol can help you sleep, but keep it in moderation as it can also disrupt your sleeping patterns.

Sometimes it works just to have a nap, even if you can’t get your regular eight hours sleep. Napping is good for improving your alertness and your tiredness levels. Allow yourself a maximum of 45 minutes if you are napping, and two hours if you want to get into a full sleep cycle.