Preventive health care coverage under health insurance plan

The US government is considering seriously providing preventive medical services coverage in order to bring down the health care expenses. The proposal is to cover screening tests and check-ups without expecting the patient to pay the deductibles and co-payments.

It is expected that this would contribute to preventive health care initiatives and people would go for routine check-ups. This would help the medical experts to diagnose the disorders at a very early stage and not at the chronic stage or serious damage level which would require expensive treatments, medical procedures and surgeries.

With the health care costs at skyrocketing prices, it is highly desirable to promote prevention of diseases rather than just treat them when they are diagnosed. This would also help in saving a lot of lives and also money required for medical treatment.

Critics say that this huge overhaul measure would definitely in increasing the premium rates to cope up with the expenses incurred by the customers for medical check-ups and also result in highly reducing the flexibility of designing health insurance plans for the benefit of the customers. Statistics reveal that the number of uninsured people in the Unites States is very high among people in the rural areas as well as among the families with low income level. An increase in the premium rates would worsen the situation further.