20% of the kids in Arizona are uninsured

As the health reform efforts continue, the Congress is looking at increasing the affordability of the health insurance premiums so that more people can avail the benefits.

However, according to survey reports, about 20% of the children in Arizona, who are entitled for almost free health insurance coverage with highly subsidized premiums, still remain uninsured.

The kids care program was launched more than a decade ago to insure children of parents with very low income level. In addition, Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System provides free health care to every individual earning below the designated federal poverty level. With the health care overhaul, it is expected that the kids care program would now increase the premium rates for the health insurance policies and the situation would worsen further.

Many people are not aware of such beneficial programs. In some cases, parents are ignorant of the importance of covering their children with a health insurance plan. Moreover, if the parents of these children fall into the category of illegal immigrants, they fear applying for such federal services.

In short, health insurance coverage is matter of choice. It is not mandatory but highly advised for every individual to secure himself and his family from incurring huge medical expenses. It is up to the individual to give priority to this aspect of security and buy an affordable health insurance plan for the entire family.