Medigap insurance policy are very satisfactory to the policyholders

According to a national survey report released by AHIP (America’s Health Insurance) and BCBSA (Blue Cross Blue Shield Association), the people who have purchased Medigap policies are satisfied with the coverage benefits provided by the plan.

Seniors find it worth the value of their hard earned money as the policy covers medical emergencies that are too expensive. 88% of the Medigap policyholders have mentioned that they are satisfied with the services whereas 62% have reported that they are very satisfied. In addition, 87% of the people mentioned that they would recommend these policies to their relatives or friends.

About 10 million senior citizens in the country are registered with Medigap for their health security and they like the financial security and predictability of the claims provided by the insurance policy in their old age.

The most likeable aspect of the policy is that the policyholder can consult doctors of their choice. The processing of claims is efficient and the paperwork to claim back the expenses is minimal.

The policyholders of Medigap are not agreeable to pay higher deductibles or bear other out-of-pocket medical expenses in order to pay lesser premiums. In addition, more than half of the policyholders oppose the idea of paying deductibles on an annual basis or other expenses out of their pocket for those services that are covered by Medigap policies.