Canadian healthcare system – a hot topic in health care reform

The Canadian healthcare system was a major topic of discussion in the past weeks when the massive reforms in health care were discussed. President Barack Obama expects the legislation for the health reform by the month of October this year as the House of Representatives hope to finally vote on their plans for health reform by the end of the current month.

Discussions have been on to bring up a health insurance plan from the government which competes aggressively with private insurance policies currently offered for medical insurance. If the health reform plan becomes successful, it is estimated that about 97% of the Americans would be covered under health insurance

Surprisingly, the impoverished citizens of the United States which accounts to a whooping 47 million people are not covered under any medical insurance considering the fact that the United States is the country with the highest expense for health care among the industrialized nations.

During the discussions in the past few weeks, the health care system which exists in Canada has taken the forefront and President Obama also seemed to acknowledge the citizen???s distrust in the existing system in spite of raging arguments. However, a Democrat pointed out that the infant mortality rates and patient death rates due to failure in medical treatment are higher in the US according to statistics.