American Doctors requested to cooperate for US Health Reform

The US President, Barack Obama, addressed the delegates of the American Medical Association (AMA) during the 158th meeting which was held in Chicago. He envisioned a medical system which would encompass the best practises, bring in more transparency to the costing structure and provide incentives for excellent service and performance.

The Congress wants to take steps towards reforming the healthcare plans and bring in more options which would help in reducing the costs of the health insurance policies. The doctors may also have to cooperate for this initiative to be successful.

The Republicans are sceptical about this proposal as competitive public plans would pose a huge threat for some insurers and drive them out of business in course of time. It would also result in the reduction of available choices of insurance providers for patients who seek purchasing a health insurance policy.

The AMA is also concerned about bringing in a public health insurance plan which would be very similar to the Medicare plan supported by the state. However, some of the options were welcomed, e.g. the idea of initiating co-operatives owned by members.

The AMA is open to working on a health reform initiative that would make private health insurance policies more affordable, offering coverage for uninsured and work for the benefit of the American citizens in need of healthcare. It is also active in looking at bringing in prevention measures in order to increase the general wellness of the citizens of the nation.