Exciting offer! Visitor health insurance free in Mexico from July 11

Ever imagined that you would be able to receive free health insurance along with hotel discounts and also theater tickets for free? Sounds like a holiday bonanza?

This is not a fairy tale. It is an offer from the city of Mexico for tourists who are currently shunning away due to the unfortunate swine-flu attack in the metropolis city. The tourist minister of Mexico city has declared that the visitors to the Mexico city will be immediately insured for free once they check-in to the hotels right from July 11.

The insurance provider would be ACE Seguros, a reputed provider for international insurance. The visitors can avail with medical help in case of any emergencies at any private hospital in the Mexico city. The free health insurance offers coverage for emergency heart surgery, broken bone, migraine, or any health complications that occur during the overseas stay.

However, this insurance will not cover long-term illnesses or diseases which were already present on arrival to the city. For example, you would be not treated for free for a back injury which occurred two years back!

This offer is a way to attract tourists back to the city for a vacation, hence, if you are still adventurous enough, this is the right time to start your plans for a visit!