Ask Medicare Website

It is good news now for caregivers who want to save time and provide effective long-term care for the needy patients. The Department of Health and Human Services has come up with a website named “Ask Medicare”. This serves as a very useful tool for caregivers to navigate through the complex web of Medicare system which is sometimes confusing.

Reports state that one of the caregivers found this site very useful when she had to help her mother with Alzheimer’s disease. She received medical supplies with the assistance of the Medicare personnel who recommended this new site to her.

The site provides useful links and important information that caregiver should be aware of. Considering the fact that more than 40 million Americans are chronically ill, or very old or challenged physically or mentally or both, this website is expected to provide easy access assistance to this section of the population who require help from the caregivers all the time. Moreover, almost 7% of the caregivers provide full-time assistance to these patients during the day.

The aging society where almost 80% of long-term care is provided by these assisting people requires such a sophisticated tool to provide the necessary awareness and also the assistance required to carry out their services efficiently.