Preventive health care to reduce medical expenses

Health care expenses in the US are on the rise year after year as the chronic conditions of the patients are ineffectively managed and preventive strategies have not been properly implemented to educate the masses as to how to avoid getting into serious health disorders due to unhealthy lifestyle, irregular eating habits or undesirable health routines.

Resources have been used ineffectively and the shortage of medical experts at the right time has resulted in the death of many patients. In addition, with the rising difficulty of financial conditions, it is becoming increasingly difficult for people to afford the expensive premiums of the health insurance plans.

It is high time people give enough importance to preventive health care measures by enrolling in non-traditional programs making you aware of the required measures by bringing in some simple changes in the mindset and lifestyle.

The mobile clinic program organized by HMS called the family van provides this awareness of the common man in the preventive health care strategies in various areas causing health abnormalities. Some of them include healthy heart maintenance, escaping cholesterol and diabetes, healthy eating habits and balanced nutrition.

This program aims to reduce the possibilities of health risks and increases access to health care by reaching out to vulnerable communities.