With the Wind in Your Sails and Insurance by Your Side!

A trip to the Galapagos Islands for a chat with giant tortoises or a dinner with sea lions???does this sound like the adventure of a lifetime? For a mariner, this may just be another day at work; so you can imagine their need for comprehensive marine crew insurance!

A domestic insurance policy has geographical and time limitations. What a mariner really needs is seamless coverage???24/7, throughout the year, whether on board the vessel, on vacation, off-duty, or ashore at port. A comprehensive marine crew insurance or yacht crew insurance plan provides all these and more.

Marine policies generally provide for the unique needs of seafarers like emergency medical evacuation, emergency medical reunion, repatriation of remains, and preventive benefits like vaccination, health check ups, maternity benefits, and child care. Most policies have additional coverage for adventurous sports such as water sports, amateur sailboat racing, and scuba diving.

Marine policies can be short term or long term, depending on the duration of the trips. Most employers of large vessels opt for marine crew group insurance with added benefits. A new mariner can take an individual marine policy if he is freelancing between yachts or he can take a short-term policy until the employer offers him group benefits.