Travel Insurance Tricks and Traps: How To Avoid Them

Buying travel insurance is an easy thing to do. However, not all travel medical insurance policies will be right for you. Some may be uneconomical or provide you with low-quality coverage. What should you look for when buying travel insurance? What traps should you avoid?

If you have a pre-existing medical condition you should check to make sure you are covered for medical issues concerning this condition when you travel. Check that your insurer doesn’t have a set of exclusions that make almost any claim impossible – only choose a respected and established insurance company that doesn’t make you jump through hoops to be considered for a claim.

Make sure your travel insurance covers essentials like baggage, travel money and delayed flights. Some budget policies don’t include these elements. And check that the excess is not astronomically high, causing most claims to fall within it.

Look for a policy that handles excesses per person, per cost rather than as per event. One event, such as a mugging, could result in many different claims for medical, theft and loss of money.