Annual or Single Trip Travel Insurance?

Is it better for you to take out annual travel insurance or buy a single trip policy each time you travel? It’s a debate many holidaymakers have every year. Which is more economical, and which is best?

Ask yourself a few questions before you decide on an annual or single trip policy. First work out how many times you will be going on vacation or business trips in the coming year. Then calculate this against the cheapest travel insurance quote you can find for each individual trip, and the cheapest annual travel insurance policy.

For example, if you are planning on travelling two or more times outside the country, and perhaps taking one business trip, you may be better off with annual travel insurance. However, if your only plan is for one two-week vacation in the summer, you will probably find it cheaper to buy one single trip policy.

Compare prices between providers – you may find an economical annual travel policy that is a little more expensive than one single trip. If you change your plans and decide to go away more than once, you’ll already be covered without any hassle.