The Insurance Plan of a Hollywood Movie

A few days ago, I saw a wonderful movie on television, and the one thing I couldn???t help thinking was: I hope the protagonists had worldwide travel insurance, especially one that included trip cancellation insurance. The movie was ???The Bucket List??? starring Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman.

In the film, the two terminally ill men, who befriend each other at a hospital, decide to embark on a journey around the world to fulfil a wish list, called the ???Bucket List.??? They encounter many adventures along the way, Hollywood style, but Morgan Freeman decides to turn back halfway when he realizes the power of his family???s love.

For their medical situation, it would have been tough to get policies that covered their illness???cancer, in this case???but not impossible. Also, trip cancellation insurance with ???Cancel for Any Reason??? coverage would have also made sense for them.

As Hollywood movie plots go, it did not include banal details such as ticket and insurance details, of course. However, for anyone planning a multi-country trip in a short time, worldwide insurance, with medical emergency and evacuation benefits including terrorism coverage (if the country has a history of terrorism) is advisable.