Chalking Up Insurance Plans for School Year Extension

International travel is beset by many uncertainties, and added to the mix, for many travelers, is the question of whether to purchase trip cancellation insurance. Especially this year, the outbreak of the H1N1 virus has thrown many travel plans out of gear, and trip cancellation and international health insurance are more imperative than ever.

In addition, some insurance companies are jumping in to also rescue travelers whose plans have been disrupted by a specific event: the extension of the school year because of school cancellations after the outbreak of the H1N1 virus. Many companies offer school extension insurance as an option, with varying levels of reimbursement.

The plans are valid for the insured, traveling companions, or dependents who have to cancel or reschedule a trip because of the extension of school beyond the scheduled school year. This year, in the United States, school has been cancelled for nearly 600 schools so far, affecting nearly 400,000 students.

The plan also covers teachers and school administrators who have to work beyond the scheduled school year. However, teachers and school administrators may also be covered under the ???Cancel for Work??? reason. Compare eligibility, coverage and rates of the two options before purchasing insurance.