Stay Safe with Student Health Insurance

Enjoy all that student life has to offer with the security of medical back-up – make sure your education isn’t jeopardized and purchase health insurance for college students. Take responsibility for your own health by seeking an insurance plan outside your parent’s coverage.

Health insurance for college students is a great option for you when you’re no longer a dependent under your parents’ insurance. Or perhaps your college is outside the region covered by your current insurance. Many students also see the move to college as a chance to find a cheaper insurance deal.

If you attend a state-accredited college or university, you’re under 30 years of age and a full time student, you’re eligible. Benefits include up to $1 million in protection and the freedom to choose your own healthcare provider. Receive help with surgery costs, prescription drugs and ambulance expenses, among other benefits.

If you’re studying abroad you can also benefit from international health insurance for college students. With these plans you receive assistance with medical evacuation and repatriation as well as the regular insurance benefits.