Here Comes the Sun ?Çô Keep Safe!

With summer just round the corner we’re all searching for some sun. Soaking up the rays and spending time outdoors on vacation recharges your batteries for the year ahead. But excessive sun exposure is dangerous. How can you keep safe in the sun?

Ultraviolet (UV) light causes burns and blistering and can cause skin cancer. Avoid direct exposure to the sun from midday to 2pm and wear a broad rimmed hat and good quality sunglasses. Use a sunscreen with a factor SPF 15 or above. Beware of cheap brands – you may suffer from patchy protection if you don’t buy quality sunscreen. And don’t forget to check the expiry date.

Take extra care when you’re swimming in the pool or sea – UV rays are also reflected onto your skin by the water. Reapply your sunscreen after swimming. Keep babies and small children out of direct sunlight and make sure they’ve always got high-factor sun protection. Kids should wear loose, long sleeved tops and hats.

Make sure you’re fully protected on vacation with travel insurance. Health and safety precautions for travel should include comprehensive travel insurance coverage you can rely on should you fall ill.